Saturday, 10 August 2013

Greens and tomato pesto mix


Not quite sure what to call this recipe, and I am definately not happy with what I have currently called it! It's really something I tried to use up some ingredients in the fridge and because I felt like I wanted a side dish to go with my aubergine pizzas (a staple meal now!). It's basically a mixture of spinach, kale, two types of basil, tomatoes, pesto, sundried tomatoes, and cheese. It is so so easy to make and is very filling and very nice! 

NOTE: You will need to use a lot of the greens as they really do boil down to nothing once you cook them!  

Well, here's how I did it...

  1. Heat some oil in a pan- I like to use flavoured oils, for example basil or garlic oil, but any will do. You will need quite a bit of oil as the kale does absorb it quite a lot and using a lot of oil helps the kale go lovely and crispy!
  2. Take a good few large handfuls of kale, you might want to tear them up a bit in your hands first so the pieces aren't too big, but that's really up to you (I usually do). Here is the amount of kale and spinach I used, and it really did reduce down to about 1/4-1/2 of a pan full after a few minutes 
  3. Let it fry away for about 5-6 minutes during which time it will really reduce down to about a quarter of it's size. 
  4. Once it has reduced a lot, add a good few large handfuls of spinach, again you might want to tear it up a little bit first
  5. Let the spinach reduce and wilt in the pan for another 5 minutes by which time you might start running out of oil in the pan
  6. Add about 5 big tomatoes, chopped into small pieces to the pan, these will add lots of water, and therefore will eliminate the need for more oil. I use different types of tomatoes where possible as I think they look so much nice and are much tastier! Leave to cook together for about 5 more minutes 
  7. Add about two chopped sundried tomatoes and a tablespoon of pesto, stir well and turn the heat off. 
  8. Turn out onto a plate and add some cheese- grated cheddar goes well as does feta or goats cheese. 
  9. Enjoy!
I made this as a side dish, but you could also eat it with some fried quorn pieces, or use it to stuff other vegetables like aubergine or spoon it over large portabello mushrooms, I have also tried freezing it, and it freezes really well too!

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