Sunday, 25 August 2013

Induction menus-day 1!

Well after having fallen off the wagon over the last month or so, I decided to restart the induction phase of Atkins, which you will know is the strictest part that comes right at the start of the diet. Typically in this phase you are allowed a maximum of 20g of carbs per day but as a vegetarian it is almost impossible to stick to this as there are carbs in most of the veggie friendly things (cheese, veg etc), but the carbs are low in these items and I never have problems getting into ketosis as long as I follow it strictly and keep away from all foods with higher carb counts. 

I started in on a Saturday which might seem a funny day to start as people usually seem to start diets on a Monday, but the idea was it would be better to start while I was at home over the weekend as I would have more opportunity to cook and would have more time to prepare food while I got into ketosis again as one of the hardest things for me is, particularly as a vegetarian, is finding food to eat while out and about if I haven't got anything with me ready. 

Well I started the day off with a big breakfast as below:

This consisted of veggie sausages, three fried eggs, tomatoes and mushrooms. As it was such a big serving and I had it quite late on I managed to only have some cubes of cheese and a chocolate decadence Atkins bar for lunch. 

My evening meal was also small, (though maybe bigger than it looks in the picture!):
This was a spinach and basil salad with cucumber, rocket, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese, a few pine nuts and a chopped up sundried tomato. 

I did get hungry about an hour later so also had a sugar free vegetarian jelly with cream- lovely!

I plan to blog every day this week to keep me on track as I thought this would ensure that I actually stick to it as there's a bit more pressure this way!

Wish me luck...


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