Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Insanity week one


As you may know if you follow me on twitter or Instagram, or if you read my last post, I have just started the insanity workout. As I am writing this I have just started day one of week 2 which means, obviously that I have completed the first week of Insanity! *does proud face*


I thought I would write and let you know how it’s going and also I wanted to keep records for myself to remind myself how far I’ve come, and also because like I said in the post before, blogging about it somehow makes it ‘real’ and therefore might make me less likely to give up!


I discussed the fit test on my last post so following that came the Plyometric cardio circuit. It is worth mentioning however that the day after the fit test I woke up aching ALL PVER and I mean all over. As in parts of my body were aching that never usually ache, places like my neck and the backs of my knees. It was awful and very nearly put me off. That night I went home, still in pain, and didn’t get in until about 9 at night and knew I had to be up the next morning at 5 for work again. I so much didn’t want to do it and I started googling things like ‘does insanity work if you do it every other day’ and ‘how often do you have to do insanity for it to work’. I found lots of results where people said that they had done it sporadically and that it had really worked for them. That basically made my mind up so I decided that being in so much pain I would give it a rest for the night. I then went on to google insanity blog and the first result was a lady who had an accompanying video. I watched the video and felt so inspired by how much her body had changed that I went upstairs and got changed and came down and did it.


Needless to say it was horrendous and I pretty much hated every second of it, until the end which I love!  Shaun T makes it worse because he shouts things like ‘I’m smiling because I like it’, well I can pretty much say that I didn’t smile at all for the whole thing! The session includes very intense aerobic exercises including lots of jumping and quite little floor work.


I managed to complete most of the workout though I had to stop several times while I caught my breath and summoned the ability to move again! I did every exercise though I did have to take breaks in some of them as I was literally so tired! Anyway the important thing is, what literally felt like years later, I finished it and was so pleased with myself!


The next day I was aching again, though perhaps slightly less that the day before. Again I had to wait until quite late in the evening to do it and really didn’t feel like it but I was aching so much that I pretty much felt like nothing could really hurt me more than what I had already been through. This time it was cardio power and resistance which again was just so intense but MAYBE felt SLIGHTLY easier.


The day after I woke up not aching any more, I couldn’t believe it, it had felt like so so long since I’d not ached permanently, so that felt like a bit of a milestone! It was cardio recovery that day which again is slightly easier than the presvious days workout though I still lacked the flexibility to do quite a lot of the exercises as well as I should have. Shaun T keeps saying ‘don’t sacrifice form’ but for some of them I never felt like I got the form right in the first places as the exercises are so challenging. This also applies to the stretching which again I literally can not fully do (depressing when you can’ even complete the stretches). I decided that for each exercise that I can’t do properly that I would just keep doing my best approximation. For example the pus ups- I am completely unable to do even one push up at the moment so instead do ‘girly style’ push ups (ie leaning on my knees rather than on the tips of my toes).


The day after was ‘pure cardio’ which is pretty much as awful as it sounds, but I did find myself able to complete more and more of the exercises though I was having to pause it very 5 minutes for about a minute or so, which makes the whole thing take very long!


Following that was plyometric cardio circuit which I had already done before and the whole way through I was just focused on the fact that I knew I just had to get through the workout and then I would be finished for not just that day but also for my rest day as well! Then before I knew it I had finished it! I was literally panting for breath and dripping with sweat but I did feel a real sense of achievement for completing the first week.


I will let you know how I get on as I continue but for now, I’m going to rest!



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