Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Kale and pistachio pesto

I love pesto and it is pretty much a staple in my fridge as it goes with so many things and just a little bit can add so much flavour to so many different dishes. I also particularly like different flavoured pestos, like sundried tomato and aubergine but until recently had never tried making it myself with anything other that basil and pinenuts as the base.

 If you have made pesto before you will know that as well as being very expensive to buy ready made it is also perhaps even more expensive to make yourself as all the ingredients are so expensive! This recipe is still expensive to make but a little does go a long way and also the main two ingredients kale and pistachio are slightly cheaper than the normal basil and pine nuts.

It is so so easy to make and you will need:

  • Kale; 1 very big handful
  • Pistachio nuts- about 100g
  • Olive oil- I used a garlic infused one- ½ cup
  • Hard cheese like pecorino or parmesan, or I also sometimes use any cheaper supermarket equivalent as long as it is a very hard cheese.

After you have all these things ready it’s really really easy, basically just add all the ingredients apart from the oil into a food processor and blend well until it has formed a fine powder. Then add the oil slowly until you have the consistency that you like.

Pesto typically has lots of oil in it but you might decide as I often do, to put less oil in it and then you can use it as a marinade/rub for quorn fillets or vegetables and can add more oil of you want it to be slightly looser.

Now I’m really looking forward to trying lots of different flavour combinations!


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