Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Spinach, basil, avocado and pistachio pesto

Hello! Inspired by the success of my kale and pistachio pesto which you can see HERE I decided to try a different pesto out the other day. 

Pesto is one of those things that I just like to keep in the fridge all the time as it goes with so many things and makes even the most bland vegetable taste delicious and interesting!

I decided for this pesto to try spinach, basil, avocado pistachio and no cheese. These ingredients were chosen mainly because they were ingredients that I had in, and for the spinach particularly, wanted to use up quickly, and also because I knew they would taste amazing together!

Like you can see form my previous post, pesto is so so easy to make, you literally just need the ingredients and a food processor and about ten minutes max from start to finish. I really don’t ever see myself going back to shop bought pesto!

You will need:

  • Spinach; 1 very big handful
  • Pistachio nuts- about 100g
  • Olive oil- I used a basil infused one- ½ cup
  • Basil; I very big handful
  • One big avocado 

After you have all these things ready it’s so so simple that it basically doesn’t warrant a recipe! You put the nuts (once you’ve shelled them which is the longest part of the recipe!) into the food processor first and blitz them until they’re the consistency of quite chunky dust. 

Then add the spinach and basil and blitz them until they’ve formed a thick paste. 

Finally add the avocado and then the olive oil a very small bit at a time depending on how runny you like the pesto, I try not to add too much as you can always add more if you need it later on. Also the avocado will make it lovely and creamy and means that you hardly need any oil. 

And that’s it! So simple!

I have had mine with zoodles which you can see here, and which I just added some tomatoes and crushed pistachios to, and also as a salad dressing (I added some more olive oil for this). I have also just added some to a small bowl of feta and tomatoes for a very quick snack.


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