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Egg fast

Egg fast


If you follow my instagram or twitter you may well know that I have recently been following an egg fast diet. For those of you who don’t know what the diet is I first read about it on the ketogenic woman blog and also I breathe I’m hungry has also talked about it and put lots of recipes up which you can read. It seems pretty popular on instagram at the moment and is supposed to knock quite a bit of weight off in just three days and so I thought I’d give it a go!


The basics of the egg fast are as follow:


·        Eat between 6-12 eggs per day

·        For each egg you eat also have 1oz (approx 28g) of cheese (any full fat cheese)

·        For each egg also eat also have 1 tbsp of butter

·        Try and eat an egg meal every 3-5 hours

·        No eggs within 3 hours of bedtime

·        Drink plenty of water!


The diet seems to generally last 3 days though you can do it for a maximum of 5 days, and some people seem to follow it regularly for 3 days per week eating LCHF the rest of the time. Saying that after doing it the thought of doing it again every week seems a bit impossible to me at the moment, but I will perhaps feel a bit different next week!


From looking at people online it seems that people seem to lose anything between 5-10lbs in three days, typically gaining around 2lbs back the day after completing the diet.


My egg fast diet.


I documented everything that I ate while on it, which wasn’t hard as it wasn’t very much food, or not by my standards anyway! Hopefully this might help if you are thinking of going on the diet and can’t quite think what you’d eat. I will say though that the diet does feel very restrictive while you’re doing it, it is not easy and though I tried to make the food as good as I could there were some definite low points where I got so sick of eggs, also I had a couple of incidences of heartburn (which I’ve never had before and is absolutely horrible!) they were only very brief though thankfully! Without further ado, here is what I ate:


Day one


·        One three egg cheese omelette

·        A bowl of egg mayonnaise (2 eggs) with grated cheese

·        A boiled egg, a slice of avocado (I counted this as a portion of fat (!)) and some grated cheese

·        A boiled egg


Total for day one= 7 eggs and pretty definitely far more than 7 oz of cheese, largely because I had no idea how much 1oz of cheese (FYI its hardly anything!!) was and also because I was feeling very hungry and cheese seemed to satisfy that a bit better then eggs.


Day two


·        Four (greedy!) mini omelette/ egg muffins

·        A bowl of egg mayonnaise (two eggs) with grated cheese

·        1 mini mushroom and goats cheese frittata

·        About 10 peanuts


Total for day two= about 8 eggs, and probably around 8oz of cheese, I’m not completely sure because the mini frittata was shop bought from M&S so I couldn’t tell how many eggs or how much cheese was in it. As you can also see I slightly cheated with the peanuts, but again I counted these as a source of fat as I didn’t really have any butter though the frittata was quite oily. I also had some mushrooms in the frittata which I wasn’t meant to have but the frittata was small so I reasoned it would have only been about one mushroom in total as they were very small slices and mushrooms as mostly water anyway! Also the frittata had less than 6g of carbs and 200 calories in total anyway.


Day three


·        1 mini mushroom and goats cheese frittata not sure how many eggs were in this  

·        A bowl of egg mayonnaise (two eggs) with grated cheese

·        3 babybels

·        Two hard boiled eggs


Total for day three= about 6 eggs (as I'm guessing there were about 2 in the frittata)

 Day four


·        A bowl of egg mayonnaise (two eggs) with grated cheese

·        Two fried eggs with half a small avocado and some grated cheese

·        No crust 'cheesecake' made from cream cheese, egg and sweetener. 


Total for day four= about 4 eggs 

Weight loss


This is definitely the most interesting part for me!


Day two- I had lost 2lbs

Day three- I had lost 2 more lbs (4 in total)

Day four-I had lost 2 more lbs (6 in total)

Day five-I had still lost 2lbs so that's 6lbs in total!

I was so pleased with that loss as the diet really did get easier and though I had planned to only do three days when day four came I decided to stay on it because I was quite into it and my hunger had really reduced. I did mention heartburn above which I got briefly on day two but I didn't get that again. Also I was straight into ketosis on day two! 

I am now thinking that this will probably become one of my go to diets when I want to lose some weight fast and am also thinking of trying to do it regularly anyway for a couple of days per week to keep the weight going in the right direction. 

I'd love to hear how other people have got on with it! 





  1. Did you make your own mayo?

  2. Hello Sarah.

    Yes I did. Haven't posted the recipe for it but may do soon, it's very easy!


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