Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Aubergine/ eggplant bruschetta

This recipe is so easy to make, especially if you cheated like I did (more of which later!) and tastes so so delicious. 

It is like a very simple very low carb version of bruschetta and though I’ve done it with only a few ingredients here it could certainly be jazzed up with cheese or anything else you may have hanging around. You can make extra of the salsa and keep it in the fridge and pop it on salads or into omelette mixtures. 

To make the basic recipe you will only need a few ingredients: 
 • Half an aubergine 
• A handful of cherry tomatoes
• A bunch of mint
• A bunch of basil- I used greek basil but any would do 
• A couple of shallots 
• Olive oil 

To make it you can either cheat like I did and buy ready chargrilled aubergine slices- mine were from the salad bar at Whole foods or you can chargrill them yourself.

• If you are not cheating, cut the aubergine into slices, brush both sides with the olive oil and place them onto a very hot griddle pan, leave them to cook for about 4-5 minutes, don’t lift them off during this time (unless of course you smell burning!) as you may get lots of conflicting lines. However if you are cheating then just take your pre chargrilled slices out of the packet and put them on your plate ready 
• Turn them over and cook on the other side for the same time. 
• Remove them and plate them up 
• Make the salsa- you might do this as the aubergine is cooking as it is so quick 
• Chop the tomatoes into about 4 pieces each and place in a bowl 
• Chop the herbs finely- or if you’re using the greek basil you can leave it as the leaves are already very small
• Pour a small-ish glug of olive oil into the bowl and add the herbs saving some to garnish and season the mixture well 
• Spoon generous amounts of the salsa onto the slices and enjoy!

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