Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Back on induction- day 5 and low carb muffins

Well it's day 5 which means I've very nearly finished week one which I am so excited about! Another thing worthy of excitement is the new recipe I tried today which was for low carb muffins! Admittedly they do need a bit of tweaking and are not extremely low in carbs, but I can already tell how good they will be and they are the closest thing to a cake that I’ve tried since doing this thing.

The recipe uses soy flour and almond meal (ground almonds) rather than normal flour and greek yoghurt/fromage frais, rather than butter.

You will need (makes 6 big muffins):
·        120g of soy flour
·        75g of almond meal
·        2tsp baking powder
·        10tbsp powdered sweetener
·        3 beaten eggs
·        70ml greek yoghurt/fromage frais or sour cream
·        70ml coconut oil
·        Very generous shake of mixed spice seasoning
·        Generous shake of cinnamon powder
·        Seeds to garnish- I used pumpkin

 For the frosting you will need:
·        200g cream cheese
·        400g fromage frais/greek yoghurt
·        3tbsp powdered sweetener
·        Generous shake of mixed spice seasoning
·        Generous shake of ground ginger

Then it’s quite similar to a normal cake in terms of preparation:

·        Mix the dry ingredients together with a spoon until they’re well combined
·        Beat together all the wet ingredients- I did this in a food processor
·        Add the dry ingredients to the food processor and mix together until combined- the final mixture will be quite thick, that’s fine!
·        Using a spoon, pop the mixture into the muffin tray- I used a silicone one, if you use a normal one you will need to grease it first
·        Top with your seeds
·        Bake at about 200˚C for 25 minutes until they have risen and browned
·        Let cool for a few minutes then turn out of the tray and enjoy one immediately- I had mine with butter!

To make the frosting, simply combine the ingredients in a bowl well, taste, add some more seasoning if necessary and then put giant dollops on top of your muffins!

Using myfitnesspal, the carbs work out to just less than 6g per muffin

Meanwhile, for the rest of the day here’s what I ate…

Friday 09.01.15
What I ate
Total carbs
One Atkins cappuccino nut bar
Big aubergine salad
One low carb muffin
Evening meal
2 egg cheese omelette

Also, in case you’re interested, the aubergine salad was inspired by a deliciously ella recipe I’d seen, but is basically half an aubergine cut into strips and roasted with a little olive oil and garlic, with lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and a basil oil dressing (which I will share with you very soon!).

And on that note, I’ll see you tomorrow, good luck if you’re reading this because you’re doing it too!


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