Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Low carb lemon and rose pancake cake

Well it’s pancake day and just as I get excited about most holidays (Christmas, Easter, Valentines day etc), I also get excited about pancake day, even more so since I discovered cream cheese pancakes last year. I wrote a post about how to make them, which I found on Pinterest last year so this year I thought I’d step things up a notch and experiment with them, particularly given that since last year my pancake making skills have improved considerably.

I have made them three different ways; small American style ones (I have recently discovered what we in the UK call pancakes are called crepes in the US), a huge pancake cake, sandwiched with a delicious rose and lemon cream, and a savoury pancake cake with spinach and ricotta sandwiched between savoury pancakes/ crepes and topped with cheese and tomato. Phew! That was a lot of cooking.

In this post I’m going to tell you how to make the huge cake as it’s quite easy and takes less time than you might think but is a real show stopper! Now I made this cake with lemon and rose as the dominant flavours but you really could change those flavours to whatever you like- coffee, mocha, chocolate, cinnamon, maple syrup... the world's your oyster. You just need sugar free flavourings, like either ground spice ie cinnamon, ginger, or flavoured syrup/ coffee syrup.

For the pancakes
· 6 Eggs
· 9oz cream cheese at room temperature
· 2 tsp vanilla powder
· 2tbsp sweetener- I used candrel
· 3tsp butter
· Ooh and quite a bit of patience as this bit takes some time…

For the filling
· 700ml cream or greek style yoghurt – cream has less carbs, yoghurt has less calories, it’s your call
· 500g mascarpone cheese- again at room temperature
· 4 tbsp sweetener
· 1 tbsp lemon curd- quite high in carbs I know but there is so many servings in this, that it doesn’t equate to that much at all per portion
· A generous dash of limoncello- optional but worth it!
· 50ml rose water
· Some fruit of your choice to decorate and edible flowers if you’re feeling particularly decadent

Then to make it:
First make the pancakes
· Mix the cream cheese with the beaten eggs and continue until it’s completely smooth
· Add the vanilla powder and sweetener and mix again until completely smooth- taste it, it should taste like a liquid cheesecake…
· Melt some butter in a on stick pan and swirl around so it’s all covered
· Once the butter has stopped foaming and calmed down, add some batter and again swirl around so the base is completely covered- don’t make it too thin
· Cook for about 4-5 minutes until completely set, then flip over cook again for 4-5 minutes and set aside
· Repeat until all the batter has gone- (about 20 times!)
· Once you get in the hang of it it’s definitely better to try and do a couple at a time, unless you are far more patient than me, as this will take ages otherwise. I had all four hobs going and was doing them 4 at a time!

While you wait for them to cool, start on the filling:
· If you’re using cream whisk it until it thickens and is starting to form peaks
· If you’re using yoghurt just start from here
· Add the mascarpone and sweetener to the cream/yoghurt and fold in
· Add the limoncello if using, lemon curd and rosewater and stir gently until all combined

Then it’s a case of assembling it:
· Pop a pancake onto a plate or cake stand
· Put a big dollop of mixture onto it and pat attention to how much you put on as you want to put the same amount onto each one to keep it as even as possible
· Use a big spatula to spread it out as evenly as you can, go over it at the end with a palette knife to try to ensure that it’s flat
· Repeat until all the pancakes are gone
 · Put your topping on, I used berries because they’re quite low carb but of course anything would do, including not topping it with anything at all which also looks amazing
 · Drink the rest of the limoncello, after all that cooking, you will have earned it!



  1. Thank you Vatkinary! This series of photos make my heart sing 💓💓

  2. Thanks so much Catherine! It tasted even better- the photos hardly did it justice! x


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