Sunday, 26 July 2015

Deliciously Ella beetroot and parsley 'shots'

As I was saying in a previous post, there is currently quite a bit of ill health in my family at the moment and as a consequence I'm trying desperately not to get ill also. The main reason for this being that my Dad is currently undergoing chemotherapy and has a very low white blood cell count. If I were to get ill at the moment, it would mean that I couldn't really see him as he'd be at high risk of catching it. 

I did start to feel a little bit rough the other day and I'm not quite sure whether its the start of a cold or just generally being run down because of all the travelling/ stress, but either way I wanted to try and knock it on it's head and ensure it didn't escalate into anything else. 

I found this recipe on the Deliciously Ella app for beetroot and parsley shots and thought I'd give it a go as beetroots are meant to be really good antioxidants. I don't normally have too much beetroot as they're not particularly low carb but this recipe makes enough for two shots (though I ended up making them into drinks) so the total carbs from the beetroot is only 9g (for both drinks), and only 45 calories. 

In her recipe she makes them in a juicer, I however got rid of my juicer when I got a nutribullet so made it in there instead. the result of that was once blended it became like a thick pulp that gathered round the sides. I added some ice cubes and about 100ml cold water to it and blended again and it produced about 300ml of juice which we shared.

Making it literally took under 5 minutes, just peel the beetroot (I used a medium sized one that weighed 100g before being peeled) then add it to the juicer, or nutribullet as I did, with 5g parsley- she suggests putting half the beetroot in then the parsley then the other half of the beetroot. I also added a knob of ginger, a tray of ice cubes and about 100ml cold filtered water. Let the nutribiullet run for a couple of minutes until it completely smooth and that's it! 

It tasted lovely, which quite surprised me as beetroot tastes so earthy that I wasn't sure I'd like it raw, I think the parsley really helped take the edge off that though, and ginger just makes everything taste lovely to me! 

I'm going to keep trying different things for a while now focusing on antioxidants as I'm really keen to stay as healthy as possible at the moment, even at the expense of having more carbs than usual. 

You can find this recipe and lots more like it on the Deliciously Ella app

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