Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Low carb London- Crussh fitfoods

I've been thinking for a little while that I'd like to start keeping a little record of places in London (and elsewhere) where you can easily find vegetarian low carb food and couldn't think of a better place to start than this place. There are Crussh fit food outlets dotted all over London and, very conveniently for me, there is one where I work so I frequent there very very regularly (more regularly than I should...)

They are mostly a takeaway sort of place, even though lots of them have places you can sit in, so the food doesn't come served on crockery and the drinks don't come in glasses- you may not like this, if I'm honest I don't when I'm eating out and prefer a proper glass and plate for aesthetic as well as environmental reasons (ok probably more for the aesthetic ones but I digress). Looking at their website it seems their ethos is geared towards the 'healthy fastfood revolution', so for the most part the food is designed to be bought and eaten outside of the shop.

What I obviously love the most about them is the huge range of low carb options, even when you're trying to keep your carbs really low. They have plenty of options with less than 10g and even less than 5g of carbs per portion.

They sell a wide variety of foods, including breakfast and lunches but also lots of snacks, juices and smoothies. My favourites, though, have to be the healthpots. The healthpots are little pots of goodness with a wide variety of tastes and flavour combinations that just feel a little bit different to ones you find in other places.

My absolute favourite currently is the chargrilled cauliflower with pomegranate and tahini dressing one. This one  has only 6g of carbs and 181 calories per portion and is absolutely delicious. So delicious, in fact, that I have kept one of my empty pots of it as it has the ingredients underneath, so I can try and make it at home! I'll let you know how I get on with that one, though need to source olive pomace oil first...

My other current favourite is the kale pesto, goats cheese and chilli courgetti healthpot (also seen below). Now, quite what I am doing buying courgetti when I make it almost every day at home is another matter, but this one has 116 calories and under 5g carbs per portion and tastes amazing.

Also worthy of mentions are the little fit egg packs, which consist of scrmabled eggs either alone or with feta, herbs and chilli, and also little boiled egg packs with avocado, sumac, paprika and watercress which are perfect for keeping in your bag and snacking on when times get tough.

They also do a green juice the 'veggie greens' that has under 5g carbs per regular serving, and if you've tried to find low carb juice before, you'll know that's pretty rare!

Yesterday though I grabbed these two beauties and took advantage of the lovely weather and grabbed 10 minutes to eat them in the park and took in the view. There really is nothing more lovely than England in the Autumn.

Their website contains their full menu alongside all of their ingredients and nutritional information.



  1. Sounds good. Pret also sell hardboiled eggs and I often go in and get them, then chastise myself afterwards for not making them at home beforehand for about 1/10 of the price!

  2. This sounds right up my steet!! Loved the sound of the chargrilled cauliflower. YUM.

    Ashleigh xx

  3. I love this place! They do really good noodle bowls with the no carb noodles!

  4. This sounds good also, cutting out carbs and ramping up the protein in the run up to Christmas at the moment and struggling to find places to eat. Need more evening places though if you have any reccommendations??


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