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Zoodles with roasted tomatoes, garlic, basil and feta

This is the most delicious recipe that has two obvious benefits for me at the moment; the first is that it's very quick (if you subtract the time the tomatoes are roasting for), and the second is that it's very good at helping me get through the millions of tomatoes that all seem to be ripening at roughly the same time. As, despite having about 10 tomato plants, they all have basically only started producing mature fruit in the last week or so, so I'm now inundated after having to buy tomatoes for a lot of the summer because I'd grown so impatient waiting for mine to ripen.

Anyway, I digress. You can roast the tomatoes in advance (if you're eating it cold as a salad, or just heat them up quickly in a frying pan if you're eating it hot) or do them on demand for this recipe. I always think once you're roasting one thing you may as well do lots as they always get eaten. This recipe is also great for using up whatever you have in, at our house we always have courgettes/ zuchini zuchinni zucchini (why is that so hard to spell), tomatoes, garlic and oil in, and that's all you really need for this, oh and some cheese, I used feta but most would do, and of course you don't need it, I just think it adds something to most tomato based dishes.

zoodles with roasted tomatoes, garlic, feta and basil

So I'll get on with it then, as discussed above, you will need:
  • About two handfuls of cherry tomatoes- other tomatoes are of course fine, but I prefer cherry ones for their sweetness. I used a bit of a random mixture here.
  • A few cloves of garlic
  • One courgette/ zucchini
  • A small handful of basil
  • Feta (or cheese of your choice for the top)
  • A glug of olive oil (subjective measurement)
Making it is basically foolproof:
  • Pop your tomatoes on a  baking tray, chop them in half, or if they're large tomatoes chop them to roughly the size of half a cherry tomato. Small ones can be left intact
  • Pour your olive oil over and season well
  • Pop half your basil on, and the garlic cloves (leave skins on) and mix well together so everything's covered in the oil

roasting cherry tomatoes with basil and garlic

  • While they're cooking, spiralize your courgette, if you don't have a spiralizer, use a julienne peeler or use a vegetable peeler to peel thin strips from all the way round discarding the centre. 


  •  Remove the tomatoes from the oven and leave to cool for a few minutes (only a couple-not too long as you want to keep the heat), remove the garlic cloves, squeeze the garlic out of them and discard the skin

cherry tomatoes just roasted with garlic and basil

  • Now's the time to act fast. To save heating up your zoodles which I don't really bother doing anymore, add the hot tomatoes straight to the zoodles 

zoodles with roasted tomatoes

  • Mix them into the zoodles well, I do this with my hands as it's the best way to mix them in well and that's why I said to wait till they've cooled a little bit, as those tomato centres can be hot (learnt that lesson the hard way). The tomatoes should be sufficiently hot to warm the zoodles through. If you still wanted it a little bit hotter you could then pop the whole lot in a frying pan of wok for a few minutes, keeping it moving though being gentle at the same time. 
  • Once you've done that, add the remaining basil and you're done! 

zoodles with roasted tomatoes, garlic and basil

  • Unless of course you're adding the cheese, in which case, crumble that over the top and then you're finished! 
  • This is delicious cold as well, eaten as a salad so make double and take some in for work the next day, or keep some in the fridge for those insatiable just got home from work and need to eat immediately moments (just me?!)

zoodles with roasted tomatoes, garlic, feta and basil

zoodles with roasted tomatoes, garlic, feta and basil

zoodles with roasted tomatoes, garlic, feta and basil

zoodles with roasted tomatoes, garlic, feta and basil



  1. This seems almost simple enough for me to try- will probably just use normal pasta though :)

  2. Mmmmm...this looks absolutely divine! I'll definitely be having a go at this, and at lots of your other zoodle recipes when I get my spiralizer. Until then, I might use regular noodles too, as I really can't wait to try this recipe - the tomatoes look absolutely amazing!

  3. Sounds good, might give this one a try!


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