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2015 Christmas gift guide

I did a kitchen wishlist in May this year and loved doing it so much that I've been looking forward to putting this together ever since! You might be thinking it's a touch too late to be thinking about getting Christmas presents, well it absolutely isn't! I still have lots and lots to get and I haven't even started to panic yet. Christmas might be close but we still have a weekend and a few days next week, so browse away and hopefully there'll be a little bit of inspiration here for you!

This gift guide pretty much doubles up as my Christmas list, though it isn't particular food based as I have a whole other one of those... so Mum if you're reading this, get a pen and paper and feel free to snap up any of these things that I haven't already told you about!

1. Now everyone knows about the Liz Earle cleanse and polish, but did you know they do candles? I am a candle enthusiast, that's an understatement actually, we've even had arguments at home about how many candles I have. But I'm a relative newcomer to these ones, they're cruelty free and smell absolutely delicious making them the perfect luxury gift. I received one in the post, and the smell when I opened the envelope was so strong that I fell instantly in love. They're also made from natural wax which eliminates the random panic I sometimes suffer from when wondering how harmful it actually might be to burn so many candles constantly. This one is a lavender and basil candle, two of my favourite smells, and incidentally two of my favourite tastes, I flit between liking to burn similar candles together, or having clusters of different scents, little candle cocktails, if you will. I think I'll burn this one with my Diptyque Eucalyptus candle, as I think they'll smell amazing together.

2. The White company cashmere socks- the gift for the person who has everything. These are expensive for a pair of socks, but they are so delightful. They come in three colours, feel amazing, and are perfect for slipping on after a long bath when you want to feel decadent.

3. I love mismatched glassware, I'm not sure if it's particularly fashionable at the moment, but I feel like I always enjoyed the look of plates and glasses that aren't identical. Perhaps this is because I live with someone who is rather clumsy and often breaks my things, perhaps it's because I actually prefer the look, either way I like them! These look amazing either filled with champagne or with four different champagne cocktails in them. You might even choose to serve fizz in each one but add a different garnish to each just to make them stand apart slightly. My current favourites are hibiscus flowers and pomegranate seeds.

4. I love this Tom Dixon tealight holder, it looks so luxurious and I especially love candle holders as I get through a lot of candles so being able to put little tealights which are so much cheaper, into decadent looking holders, is like having a candle that just keeps on giving! Also, Tom Dixon is quite pricy, yet these are £40 so if you give one to someone they'll probably assume that you spent far more!

5. I love stationary. Always have. Even though I'm a bit of an IT fiend and spend far more time than I'd like to admit on my phone/iPad/computer, there's something infinitely more luxurious and gratifying about putting pen to paper. Along with that, shameful as you might think it, I am definitely not one of the many people who no longer sends Christmas cards and instead makes a donation to charity, as I love both sending and receiving them. In that vein then, are these Peony scented pencils. I love peonies and I much prefer my handwriting when I write in pencil, so I have high hopes for these. Very affordable and with just the right amount of gimmick, they're a perfect stocking filler for a stationary enthusiast.

6. How glamorous are these four metallic bowls by LSA? I always need extra bowls, and I like to have ones which are different to my normal ones for putting nibbles in when entertaining. These combine striking metallic interiors with classic white, perfect for me as I love metallic hues in principle but when it comes to it, am definitely not brave enough to veer too far from white. They would also be perfect for putting things like cotton wool or make up in and using in the bathroom or bedroom.

7. These soapstone glasses by Sagaform are the perfect gift for a boozy friend with ethical taste. Made from organic recycled soapstone, they chill the drink by almost 30 degrees without any dilution from ice, you just keep them in the fridge, then whip them out, fill them up and go, such a fun party piece. I can see myself using them to serve shots of my homemade sugar free chocolate vodka, or tequila shots with salt and lime wedges.

8. These tealight holders are so beautiful, you can pop tealights in them and the light will shine through the cracks in the finish, hang them outside in the summer, adorn your table with them at Christmas. You need them in your life. Plus I love anything jamjar like, including jamjars.

9. Still on the stationary theme are these cocktail recipe cards, with spaces to record garnishes and glass type as well as the recipe and whose bar it was created at, these are a lovely permanent way to store your cocktail recipes.

Well that's it! Hopefully you've seen something in there that took your fancy. There's only 9 ideas but it was so hard to narrow down the millions of things I've seen in the shops and online that I liked the look of. Right, now to make some low carb white mulled wine and plan the rest of my present buying!

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