Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Rocking whiskey glasses

Christmas is just around the corner and while I am prepared in some ways; the house is well and truly decorated and I have perfected plenty of festive food and drink ideas. In other ways I am still unprepared. For example, I haven't finished my Christmas shopping yet... I try to be organized every year and to a degree I am, as I pick lots of bits and pieces up for people throughout the year. However invariably around this time every year I find myself at this point, where I have lots of little things but none of the main stuff. And, even worse than that, often no ideas for the main presents for people either.

 Men are definitely the hardest people to buy for in my book, with women if all else fails you can get a luxurious version of something you know they like or use, like a candle or handcream, but men are a different matter. Imagine my joy then when I stumbled on these beauties. They strike just the right balance between being gimmicky enough that people are unlikely to have them, whilst also being useful and functional enough not to get tossed to the back of a cupboard. Let me introduce you to... rocking whiskey glasses!

Made from handblown glass and packaged in a lovely gift box, these glasses are the perfect gift for any whiskey enthusiast. They look like a normal whiskey glass, but when you place them on a flat surface they spin on the cone on their curved base and simulate the movement you make when you hold a whiskey glass and swill it round in your hand. This then stimulates the flavor and aroma of the whiskey and enhances the drinking experience.

If you wanted to add a little something extra, I've also popped some ice balls in, these ones were from J Crew and come in a set of two. The size of them means they melt much slower and more evenly than normal ice cubes so you don't dilute your drink. They also look pretty good too!

If you want to get even more experimental, you can try freezing things inside the balls, like you would with other ice cubes. I'm thinking of freezing edible flowers or berries in mine in summer.

You can buy the glasses online alongside lots of other beautiful and innovative glassware on the Formahouse website, but if you're in a big rush, you can buy them instore at John Lewis.
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  2. I actually got these for my brother after seeing them here. Went down v well. Cheers for the idea, hope you had a great Christmas!


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