Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Candles from the January sales

I thought I'd deviate from the usual food post to let you know about some of my sale purchases from the last month. This is a little bit for my reference as well, as I quite like looking through my blog and remembering when I ate certain things or when certain things happened. That's why I popped up the posts about Christmas and New Year; I thought they'd be nice for me to look at in the future. I also thought the post would be a good idea to help me to remember how much exactly I'd paid for things so I can gauge in the future if things are a good buy or not.

I have a pretty full on love affair with candles, have done for quite some time. I like to light them almost every night and think they completely change the atmosphere of a room. I change them up quite a bit and like to have a mixture of shapes, brand and scents. There are some really expensive brands that I like, and the brands in this post are mostly expensive ones as I can get the cheaper ones all the time anyway.

So, without further ado, here's what I got:

The White Company White Christmas Candle. This was such a good reduction- 50% off so cost £30 instead of £60. I actually got a few as I think they'll be great Christmas presents next year for people. It comes in a large glass jar and wrapped in cellofane and a ribbon and looks lovely in a cluster with a few different sized candles or alone as a statement piece. I haven't burnt mine yet as it's a Christmas scent so I'm saving it for next year as it'll take a long time to burn (hopefully).

The White Company Mustique Candle. Slightly less of a reduction for this one- it was reduced to £14 from £21. I love this scent and have done for a while. It's a really light, fresh scent. Again this comes wrapped in plastic and a ribbon, making it a lovely gift. This candle, and the previous one, are still in stock at the time of writing so go now!

Diptyque candles NEVER come on sale. I spotted them on Christmas Eve on Space NK, and quickly snapped up two. One has since been snapped up by my sister so I now only have one. They're gift sets with two mini candles in, one in Baies and the other in Tuberuse. I love both these scents and they're such treats as they're normally £20 each and this set was £21 for both. They're both floral, heady scents and linger for ages after they've been burnt.

Space NK Smoky Rose. This one was a bit of a fail, they were really reduced- from £15 to £5, and as a consequence I bought two. I was a little bit disappointed them, when they arrived as they're really small- 70g. This means at full price they're just £5 cheaper than a Diptyque or Jo Malone candle. If I had paid proper attention to them when ordering, then to be honest I probably wouldn't have ordered, though for £5 they're pretty good value. The smell is lovely though, a very deep, woody, rose scent.

I had actually bought these star tealights before Christmas in Aldi and they were £1.99 a pack which I thought was a pretty good price, we had them on our table on Christmas day and they looked so lovely when they were lit. I was so so happy then, when I saw these reduced to 69p in Aldi last week. They're deceptively big and really scented- the pale ones are vanilla, and the others are cinnamon.

Finally, not quite a candle but pretty close, is this Woodwick Reed diffuser from T K Maxx. This was in the clearance section and was reduced to £4 from £7.99 (T K Maxx price), though it apparently originally should have cost £16.99. I love Woodwick candles and their reed diffusers are so heavily scented. I've put it in the downstairs toilet as I like putting reed diffusers in small spaces so you can get the most of the smell. I love it, every time I walk past the room I get a hit of the smell and fall in love a little bit more.

So, that's it, a pretty good haul, and even though I'm getting slightly worried by how much I've spent, I think the more positive way to look at it is how much I saved! Hope you've managed to snag yourself some bargains and haven't been hit too hard by January blues! If you're interested, and quick enough, the two White Company ones and the Aldi candles are still in stock, and T K Maxx always have great clearance items!


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