Tuesday, 1 March 2016

A few Neom favourites

Bit of a change from my normal posts but thought I'd share a few little beauty finds with you. I'm a complete beauty junkie, I buy loads and loads of products and if I never bought another one I probably still wouldn't be able to get through the mountain that I have amassed. I have been thinking for quite some time though about transitioning to cruelty free products as I do hate the idea of using something for vanity that has only come about because an animal had to suffer. It seems so needless especially as there are now so many lovely products around which are ethically produced but are in no way inferior to their animal tested counterparts.

Saying that I will still use up the products that I do have, because if there's anything worse than having products that have been tested on, it's wasting them. At least, that's how I'm thinking at the moment, if I find people who want them and will genuinely use them, I might in time just get rid of all of them.

With that in mind then, here are a few products that I really love at the moment, they're all by Neom which is a brand I knew really for their candles which are pricey but are so so scented and feel so decadent. I have recently started to get into their skincare so thought I'd show you a few bits.

The first is this Daily Boost face, body and hair oil. I love a multipurpose product, mainly because I'm pretty lazy busy. Now I'm not normally sure about an oil or cream that can be used on both face and body as usually anything that can be used on your face won't be intense enough for body. This is largely because I rarely moisturise my body so when I do I want something that's really strong. This oil is an exception though and is not too heavy on your face but also leaves your legs (the only body part I really bother with) feeling really soft for ages. Likewise I put it through my hair once a week once it's towel dried and let it sink in. It leaves my hair feeling so soft and shiny, I keep it away from my roots though as it's too heavy for there and will make it greasy- learnt this lesson the hard way...

Also important is the scent, if you're going to be covering your face, hair and body in something, it needs to smell good. This has a lovely scent; quite minty with some citrus poking through- really fresh!

Next up is this bath and shower gel, it's the same minty-citrusy scent which I love, as it's so nice to layer a scent by using several products with the same scent to really make it really linger. The smell does hit you as you're using it as it's so fragranced. The box says it lifts your mood and relaxes your body as you inhale the fragrance, now I wouldn't quite go this far but it does feel a bit more special that rubbing Radox on yourself! It always seems pretty extravagant to spend a lot on a shower gel (to me, anyway) as it seems to be gone so quickly so this one is the reserve of Christmas/ birthday presents.

Side note: You can't really see but how lovely are these Ranunculus the background? Spring has definitely sprung here and these are from my garden- they're so pretty!

Finally is this half used Great Day body scrub. Again with the same scent, it's a very oily scrub which I love. Now, I don't usually have the time to use it all over my body (does anyone?), so instead, I keep it by the sink in the kitchen and occasionally scoop some out and rub it into my hands for a few minutes before rinsing it off. It makes your skin feel so so lovely, like you've just had a treatment done, and they smell amazing. My hands feeling soft is really important to me as they get very dry from using lots of alcohol hand gel at work, so I always invest a bit more in lovely hand creams and scrubs to stop them from withering up.

And that's it! Now this brand is pretty pricey, though you can occasionally spot it in T K Maxx with quite a lot of money off, they often have their big candles in for £25 instead of £40. I've also noticed that it's now in Marks and Spencer and they have good promotions on from time to time. If  you order direct from their website you can accrue Neom points which are actually so good, you earn 50 for signing up, then 5 for every pound you spend, then you can choose to redeem them against future orders, so you can have some money knocked off the next time your order. It's only a little bit (for me usually anyway), but it all adds up!

I'm contemplating summoning up the courage to show some products in action- ie with me in them, but that might be a bit too far out of my comfort zone- we'll see! Anyway, I've done a pretty big ethical beauty haul, so I'll be back soon sharing my thoughts on that. Have a lovely week!


  1. I love Neom and always get my auntie to get it for me when she goes to the UK as it is very expensive here and I can't find it in many places. I love the sound of the oil I am putting that one on my wish list! Xo

    1. Hi, I love it too, though it's pretty expensive here as well! It's not a very cheap brand. It's so good though and the oil especially is lovely- you'll love it! Plus it's multipurpose so that makes it seem cheaper I think...

  2. What an interesting read, I have never tried Neom products before but I am very tempted to now! Thank you.

  3. It's a good idea to keep a scrub by the sink- I might be more likely to use one if I did this! :o)
    Lizzie x

    1. I know Lizzie- I find I'm so much more likely to use it when it's there. It makes your hands feel so soft so it's really worth the minute or so that it takes!

  4. Just found your blog- love it! Which make up do you use? I used to use Benefit and assumed they did not test on animlas but now I know that they do! Not good. They do not seem like the sort of brand who would do this. Can you recomend any brands?

    1. Thanks Heather, do you know I always assumed that Benefit probably didn't test on animals, they seem to have that sort of feel to them so I was surprised that they did. I also thought that about Kiehls who also look like the sort of brand who wouldn't. Just goes to show how careful you have to be! I've got some cruelty free make up posts coming up but in the meantime Urban Decay don't and they're quite similar to Benefit I think? Hope that helps!


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