Sunday, 27 March 2016

A very Good Friday and Rose and Lemon low carb cocktails

Happy Easter! It's Easter Sunday today and I'm sitting enjoying a cup of coffee while Mr Vatkinary is still in bed and thought I'd share a few bits from the weekend so far. We were both off on Friday (Good Friday) and the weather was beautiful, the nicest day of the year so far. We spent most of the day outside, me playing with my new Spring flowers that are popping up daily, and him slightly ruining things by noisily flying a drone above my head- a birthday present from last weekend that he's still trying to master flying! 

I have been loving the new Lorina Zero Rose lemonade that I found last week, it has barely any carbs at all and has such a nice flavour so I set about thinking about some low carb cocktails/ mocktails that I could use it in. Eventually I settled on a good one that was so refreshing, and so easy that it's barely even a cocktail, so I thought I must share, as I want a little permanent reminder of it for my own sake apart from anything else. 

You will need- makes two:
  • Sugar free rose lemonade- I used the Lorina Rose zero but if you can't find this, any would do
  • One lemon
  • Two measures of vodka
  • One egg white
  • Some edible flowers to garnish- optional 
Then pop the vodka, lemon juice and egg white into a cocktail mixer and shake well. Pour the lemonade into your glasses, pour the cocktail mix over the top, stir and enjoy! These work just as well without the vodka as mocktails. The egg white creates a sort of foam on the top of the cocktail that had mostly gone by the time I got round to taking the photos! It's again optional, but does make the cocktail feel a little bit more special!

We decanted outside, first time we'd sat outside this year, and sipped alternately on these as well as mint juleps (recipe to come soon) and coffee, and took some snacking bits out- namely nuts, halloumi and cherry tomatoes with olive oil, salt and pepper.

After a few hours we went for a walk, going past the Rapeseed fields which are just about to pop

Later in the afternoon we ventured to Berkhamsted for a few hours and had a wander along the canal. As we arrived there were lots of hot air balloons in the sky, also taking advantage of the good weather so we sat and had a drink and watched them go over, they were so low down you could literally see the people inside!

Such a lovely day, I hope you're all having a lovely Easter weekend, we're off to Nantwich Jazz festival in Cheshire today which should be good. FYI I have already decided that next year I am definitely making one of those Easter trees that seem to popping up all over Instagram- basically big branches with pretty pastel eggs hanging off them- I've had serious Instaenvy all weekend! 


  1. What a lovely spread!
    Love your mugs and glasses :)
    The egg whites are raw ? :)

  2. This looks so perfect!
    Ella XO

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