Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Vita Mojo at St Pauls

It's been a little while since I've done one of these posts but I ate somewhere last week that was too good not to share. It's another healthy fast food outlet and only serves lunch being open from 11.30- 3, but it works a little bit differently to most other ones. 

You can order in one of three ways, either on your phone/ iPad before you get there and have your lunch waiting, on the iPad once you get there, or at the counter if the other ways all seem a bit technical. Now, the great thing about being able to order via the tablet is that you can completely customise your meal, so it's sort of like a traditional style salad bar in some ways, but different because you can check the nutritional information of each ingredient, and you can even adjust the quantities. Still with me? Hope so! I'll talk you through it just in case you're not ...

Once you get to the menu, you can either select one of their suggested salads (which you can then change and customise if you want to), or you can create one of your own from scratch. You can check the carbs and calories etc of each ingredient and then either select a smaller quantity, or take it out completely. You can also add other ingredients from a pretty comprehensive list.


In the end I went for kale salad with broccoli, poached egg, avocado mask, mixed leaves, baba ganoush and red cabbage. The whole thing had 304 calories and 8g carbs, which I thought was pretty good for such a hefty bowl. I particularly liked the way you could adjust quantities of things because it means you can still try a little  bit of something that's maybe a bit higher in carbs or calories than you'd like, but have enough just to give you a taste. 

If you order there it's a few minutes wait during which time you get a number and wait for it to pop up on the screen/ or get shouted out- basically it's like Argos for salads! However if you'd ordered ahead on your phone you can cut out the waiting and pop in once it's ready. 

Can never resist an egg money shot!
And here's my finished bowl- absolutely delicious and fresh as can be and actually pretty reasonable priced- around £5 for my bowl.

Vita Mojo is on Carter Lane, just near St Pauls and is open lunchtimes Monday to Friday. See you soon for another Low Carb London find!



  1. Looks good :) when will you come to San Fran and do some posts about the eats here? Looks like London has really good health food scene! :)
    Ella xxxx

  2. Thanks Ella, I wish I was coming to San Fran- I love the States!! Sadly, I don't think I'll be coming any time soon though :( There's some great places to eat in London- we're really lucky! x

  3. Love Aesop! Fab post :) xx


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