Monday, 6 June 2016

Lush cosmetics opening party haul

Last week I went to the press/ blogger opening of the new Lush store at the Arndale centre in Manchester and I got so many new goodies I had to share them with you.

 A quick mention about the store itself, it's the largest store in the North, and second largest in the UK (after the Oxford Street branch). The store itself has lots of new concepts that the old one didn't have, but my favourites have to be the Lush kitchen, and the Greenhouse. Now, you will know I love anything plant related, and the Greenhouse is a dedicated consultation space which also grows lots of plants that are used in the products including herbs, lavender, rose and aloe vera. Interestingly, this branch is the only one in the world that has a Greenhouse! Long term, their plan is to grow pants within the Greenhouse and then send them to the Lush factory in Dorset to be used in the products.

At the Lush Kitchen you can watch staff as they actually make the products, we stood and watched as they made an Angels on bare skin cleanser and were sent home with some to try. Made from ground almonds, rose and lavender, I'm pretty sure I will love it, so long as I fight the temptation not to try and eat it, as they're ingredients I rather like cooking with! Additionally, each Monday they will be there making a one of their discontinued products which they'll then sell all that week.

I've never used many Lush products, the main ones I have used have been bath bombs. Now, I love bath bombs but use them with caution as a lot of the ones I have used have left my skin coated in glitter, which might look good on a night out but in my line of work talking to often very unwell patients, it never feels appropriate to do it coated in a blue/ gold glitter mix.

We were gifted with several items and I bought many more, leaving with a pretty hefty stash. As a result, I still haven't tried everything yet.The items I'm the most excited about are the earth eye powders. I love eyeshadows but may days are often long and my eyelids seems to be quite oily so eyeshadow often creases even when I use a powder. Anyway, the very persuasive lady assured me that as these are made with talc, they absorb excess moisture and stay out for a very long time. I tried some in the store and it was still firmly in place several hours later when I arrived home, so I'm feeling optimistic! The packaging is also lovely too, I admit that I've never really been drawn to their makeup as I am a sucker for the more high end, instagrammable packaging and Lush has always felt quite young looking which does put me off (though I appreciate how stupid this makes me sound!). Anyway, the packaging for the powders look a bit more high end and the powder colours are beautiful, I chose Victorious a neutral gold shade with a hefty amount of shimmer.

I also picked up a bubblegum lipscrub, which I have used before and which makes your lips feel amazing, look a lot plumper (and tastes pretty good too). I use it in the evening and before going out as it makes lipstick go on so much nicer.

I got a hair custard, now I have really high hopes for this, but am still not convinced. Since changing up my beauty product to all cruelty free, finding hair products has defintely been the hardest part. I felt like I really had things cracked with my hair oil I used religiously and which made my hair so shiny, and I haven't been able to find anything cruelty free that does the same thing. The lady at the hair counter assured me this will do just that and will make my hair shiny and smooth, and I so hope she is right! It does feel a bit tacky on your hands and is very thick- basically thick custard consistency, so it's miles away from a hair oil, but once rubbed in the tackiness seems to go. I will keep you updated on this one!

I picked up lots of other things but there's no time to go into them all now so I'll let you know as I go. In the meantime, if you are in the North, make sure you pop in and try and grab yourself a consultation in the beautiful greenhouse while you're at it!



  1. Love the look of the greenhouse- I'm obsessed with the smell of Lush, love just walking past there just so I can smell it! Might venture in now!

    1. The greenhouse was lovely! I know, the smell of Lush is one of it's real selling points- I buy bath bombs just to keep in my drawer sometimes as they make everything smell so nice!

  2. I have never got anything from Lush before, I don't like the packaging that much either actually, and sometimes find the smell a bit overwhelming when I go past! I like the idea of the rose, almond and lavender though so I am a little bit tempted by that one!
    Really enjoying your beauty posts!
    Ella x

  3. If you are switching to more natural cruelty free stuff, I definitely recommend trying out virgin unrefined coconut oil. It's amazing for hair!
    I've never tried their makeup before, simply because I haven't heard enough about it to really push me to want to buy it. But I just might as the color of eye powder looks gorgeous

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

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