Sunday, 31 July 2016

A few Dr Bronner's favourites

It's a little while since I wrote about some beauty favourites on here but that doesn't mean I haven't been super busy trying out cruelty free brands and products, especially as I'm FINALLY using up some old products and getting to the stage where I can start buying some new, cruelty free alternatives.

I've used the Dr Bronner's 18 in 1 liquid soaps for ages, mainly as make up brush cleaners but also when we went travelling a few even came with us and were an absolute godsend, being used to wash clothes, a shower gel, dishes and probably for more that I can't even remember! However, once I started on my little cruelty free journey, I hadn't ever taken on board that the products were all organic, cruelty free, fairtrade and lots are also vegan. 
The brand isn't yet widely available in the UK though, so I had no idea how many other products there were in the range, I snap up what I can when I spot it in T k Maxx, but they usually only have the liquid soaps and the bar soaps, and it's been so long since we went to the States that I'd all but forgotten how many other products they did. I was so delighted then when I was sent these goodies by Dr Bronners, and had to share them with you.
Now you all no doubt know their famous castille liquid soap, as I mentioned above, it has 18 uses making it a staple holiday essential, as you can sub it in for so many other things you might have forgotten to take! I tried the Eucalyptus soap, it has a really strong menthol scent which I love as it's scented with organic eucalyptus oil. For the first time, I even tried this one diluted in hot water and breathed in to clear congestion, as I get really congested during the summer and it worked a treat!
I also tried the almond bar soap, this has the mostly lovely scent, its tastes like something you could eat, which weirdly enough is something I love in a soap (and candle)! Now I tend not to use bar soaps anymore, preferring always the liquid ones, and so I will say we didn't get through this almost as quickly as we did the liquid one. The only thing that prompted me to use it as much as I did was the smell as I love my hands smelling nice. I passed it onto my sister however who's a make up artist and she informed me that she was using it to clean make up brushes and she loved it, and has used it before. This one, like the liquid soap can also apparently be used to clean your hair, but I must say I've not tired that yet either...
One thing I did try on my hair, however was the peppermint hair creme. This contains lots of organic oils including coconut oil, jojoba and hemp oil and I put it on my hair after washing it and it made my hair look and feel amazing! It was so so soft and really shiny. This one isn't available in the UK yet but for all my US readers, you need this in your life! I would repurchase this over and over again as I'd been really struggling to find good cruelty free hair care and this one has literally answered all my wishes. After browsing their website, I see they also do this in a lavender, coconut scent, which sounds amazing and is definitely on my wishlist!
Next, the peppermint toothpaste, now they say the liquid soap can be used as toothpaste but I can't quite get my head around that one.. This one has 70% organic ingredients, and is vegan as well as being cruelty free (as all products are). It doesn't have fluoride, which took some getting my head around, after years of having it drilled into my head that I must use a toothpaste with fluoride in. It also hardly foams, but does leave your mouth feeling really clean and fresh, and my teeth felt lovely and clean. I'm not sure I'd dare take the leap completely from a fluoride containing toothpaste, but I do love the way this one made my mouth feel, so watch this space.

Last but not least, the ginger lip balm, these pop up from time to time in T K Maxx as well so I've tried them before. Made with organic beeswax, these made my lips lovely and soft and contain lots of organic oils including avocado oil, jojoba oil, orange oil and ginger root oil so as you can imagine they make your lips feel rather lovely without any of the synthetic ingredients you would usually see in lip balms. The fragrance is lovely, zingy but not overpowering. Another one, I'd definitely repurchase! 
And that's the lot, there was a couple more products but I didn't want to talk about them until I'd used them, which I haven't yet. Have a browse on their website though, so many products I bet you didn't know they did. The hand sanitizer, body balms and shaving soaps on next on my list to try.
I'll be back soon, with some more cruelty free beauty as I've discovered lots more beauties recently and can't wait to share them. Hope you've all had wonderful weekends!



  1. I've definitely heard of this brand because I love using their coconut oil. For cooking, and for beauty. Also, I had this travel sized soap before that was really good! I definitely want to try out the almond soap for my makeup brushes too. I'll have to look for it. Thanks for sharing!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  2. These look lovely and sound almost easy enough for me to make!

  3. HOW DID I NOT KNOW THEY DID HAIRCARE??! I want to try that hair product soon!!

    Ella XO

  4. You've got me very curious! I know they sell the basics of this brand in Australia but I'm going to have to investigate and see if those other products are available. The hair creme, toothpaste and lip balm all sound like something I would like to try :)

  5. I love love love their soap but had pretty much forgotten about it as have been using a different one for ages. I am going and getting some again now. Thank you for reminding me abut it!!

  6. I read this the other day and was just in tkmaxx and bought the liquid soap just because I'd read it on here and wanted to come back and tell you!

    Also I love love love your bathroom, home tour please!!

    Catherine XO
    Catherine Loves

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