Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Wilderness festival- a festival for foodies

So as I mentioned here, this weekend we headed to the Wilderness festival hosted in the most picturesque Costwold country estate on the outskirts of Wychwood forest. The main appeal to me of the festival is that it doesn't just centre on music, but also the arts, exercise, workshops, spirituality, hot tubs by the lake, and most importantly for me, food!

The food is no ordinary festival food, this is on another level, think Petersham Nurseries, Duck and Waffle, Hix, Raymond Blanc, Moro, Skye Gyngell alongside food vans selling mac and cheese, greasy burgers and cheesy chips. The variety of food is so diverse, you can gather all of your pickiest eaters and know there'll be something for everyone- vegetarian, vegan, gluten free, dairy free, low carb all catered for, you can even go on a foraging workshop and forage your own goods to eat and drink later!

Seasonal salads at Petersham Nurseries

The offerings from top restaurants mean you get the chance to try food from places you might not live near, or usually be able to afford, or manage to get a table at but have lusted after on social media forever!

In the evenings you can indulge in long table banquets, intimate supper clubs, or grab something from a food stall, and take it to the lake and enjoy it under the stars.

Buddha bowls, packed with freshly steamed kale, kimichi, omega seeds, vegan Massamam curry and halloumi

Very non low carb chips, dripping in hot cheese and onion sauce, sprinkled with more grated cheddar and herbs. I have to recreate these with low carb chip very soon as they really were a gamechanger!

Dairy free, and low carb (not the cone!) malted coconut ice cream, with baked apple sorbet from Gingers

Drinks wise, we're talking everything from slushy daiquiris, to Laurent Perrier in an orangery, cold pressed juices to a Heineken hideout.

Petersham Nurseries Rose Petal Prosecco

Frozen Margaritas at Aynhoe Park backstage bar

We ate and ate (and drank and drank) but still left feeling there was so much we hadn't tried. I wandered up to the Mae Deli on the Sunday and they had sold out of everything! Did mange to grab a couple of the new Deliciously Ella energy balls though, before they'd even hit the shops.

If ever there was a festival that you don't want to drag a barbeque and supplies along to, it would be this one! Plus, by the time I've done my obligatory pre festival supermarket shop I usually come out spending far more than I would have done just buying food at the festival anyway.

I'll be back tomorrow with some more, less food orientated, Wilderness highlights!



  1. Looks fabulous! Amazing pictures...So many yummy things, and I'm lusting after those delicious cocktails. Glad you had a good time, can't wait to hear more about it
    Sophie xx

  2. Lovely post, the festival sounds (and looks) amazing! Looking forward to hearing more about it. X

  3. Never heard of Wilderness festival before, it sounds great- a bit like Latitude maybe? I want to go next year!

    Ella x

  4. Just seen this post- I must have missed it. The food looks unreal! I wish we had festovals like this one over here!

  5. Yum yum yum, this all looks too too good! I'm so jealous, I have wanted to go to Petersham Nurseies forever!

  6. Malted coconut ice cream sounds absolutely delicious!

  7. I was just having a long stalk of your blog and came across this post. I remember reading it when you posted it last year and wishing so much that we'd gone! Well we have just booked tickets! You should do a meet up this year, I would love so much to properly put a face to the name as I'm sure so many of your other followers would! Aisha xxxx

  8. I have just read the comment above and totally agree- I too also booked some tickets after reading your blog last year and would so like you to do a meet up!

  9. I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a great spot or place to go and attend an event while eating and trying lesser known things. Prices at Seattle venues are very reasonable and the staff is great!


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