Monday, 19 September 2016

Watermelon ice lollys in Majorca

We've just got back from the most wonderful and overdue holiday to Majorca

A week of relaxing, paddleboarding, sunbathing, eating, drinking and laughing with friends.

Now granted I didn't stay low carb for the holiday, far from it, there was lots of sangria, ice cream and a few odd pizzas. And by lots of sangria, I mean lots!

This discovery was our saviour in the 30 odd degree heat, they're really easy to make and are so refreshing. Now I know watermelon isn't super low carb but it's pretty good as fruit goes with 8g per 100g- the actual melon is quite light once you remove the skin which you don't eat.

I can't take the credit for the idea, I'd seen them doing the rounds on Instagram, in particular Secret Squirrel food posted one that inspired me to give them a go.

Anyway to make them you hardly need a recipe:

  • Cut your watermelon into small triangles, the usual way, or buy them ready prepared if you're feeling decadent!
  • Use a sharp knife to cut a small slit in the middle of the hard skin
  • Push a lollypop stick into the hole 
  • Place in the freezer and leave for at least 4 hours, I made a lot in one go so they lasted for days
  • Remove and enjoy!
  • For added yummness, we melted some sugar free chocolate and waited until it was starting to cool and harden then poured that over the top before sprinkling with some sea salt. This is optional of course but does taste amazing!

Excuse the intermittent photo quality, some of these are iPhone shots, I was mostly taking a complete blogging break while away!

Hope you're all enjoying the last days of summer! See you soon and let me know if you try these!



  1. Those pictures are awesome! Thanks for nice post dear)

    >>my blog<<

  2. these pictures are amazing! I love that drink it looks so refreshening ! <3

    Kayla xo // Kayla's Vibration

  3. Sounds like you had an absolutely amazing time in Majorca! I've always wanted to go there, it's definitely on my bucket list. :) And it's okay to allow yourself some treats, especially when you're on holiday! Those watermelons look yummy and so do the drinks. <3


  4. That's a great idea, I never would have thought to combine watermelon and chocolate! those are literally my two favorite foods. I've had frozen watermelon before and they are so delicious! During the summer my diet mostly consists of watermelon haha

    ~Andrea Tiffany~


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