Sunday, 12 February 2017

Boil in the bag omelette

For all of February I have been low carbing hard, I am desperate to get the last of the weight off now and this is the very best way I know to do it. One of the most difficult things about eating this way is the preparation that goes into everything I eat. it's essentially a pretty much non processed diet as nearly every meal has to be made from scratch and when I arrive home ravenous sometimes that presents as a pretty big hurdle. As a result, I'm all for anything that saves me time and this post is all about something that will do just that!

 Let me introduce you to, boil in the bag omelettes. Now I know omelettes are exceptionally quick to make, in fact I saw a bit of Saturday kitchen live the other day where people were making them in about 1 second but these are quick in a different way... Basically you make up a huge omelette mixture divide it into bags and boil when desired, or boil several bags up in one go and eat later. I know an omelette isn't typically something you can eat later as a flat eggy cold pancake isn't desperately appealing but the shape that these come out as means they're slightly different. Once boiled they come out as a sort of sausage, stay with me, which you can either eat straight away, or you can cut up into little slices and snack on, or top a salad with, the choices are endless.

You can of course also make one big mixture and then as you divide it into the bags add extra ingredients into each one, I'm thinking goats cheese, blue cheese, some caramelised onion, then you'll have lots of different options to play with. We have been especially loving these as post gym snacks as we've just rejoined the gym and these are the best protein hit to have waiting to enjoy on the way home. You could of course also make these just with the egg whites if you wanted. They don't require any oil so you can make them super low calorie if you want, by using just egg whites and spinach or kale etc.

Let's get to it then:
You will need (makes two omelettes- just double/ multiply/ divide the ingredients depending on how may you want to make)
  • Four eggs- now you can stop here if you want to make a plain omelette or keep going if you want something more 
  • A handful of grated cheese 
  • A chopped tomato
  • Half a handful of basil
  • Salt and pepper to season
  • Two freezer bags- make sure they're ones that can withstand high temperatures 

careers I don't have to fall back on: hand model

To make them:
  • Open the freezer bags and pop them into cups- this will make it easier to put the ingredients into without everything falling out
  • Add whatever your other fillings are, using the ingredients above you'd add half the cheese, tomato and basil into each bag.
  • Remove the bag carefully from the cup and seal the bag, if there's lots of air in the bag, open the bag slightly and squeeze it out before sealing again.
  • Squeeze the bag with your hands several times so the eggs sepaerates and it all mixes together 
  • Heat a really saucepan of water until it's simmering, you don't want the bags to touch the size of the pan as it will melt the bags
  • Add the bags to the water and boil for around 8 minutes or until the mixture has completely come together and you can't see any runny mixture left
  • Remove and either enjoy immediately or leave to cool
  • You can boil lots at a time- my record so far is 7 but I'm open to try more!
You will end up with something that looks rather unappealing at first- much like this!



  1. Right when I saw this it immediately reminded me of something. this cooking method is just like the sous vide method of cooking. Where you seal up the food and use water to cook it in to ensure it's all evenly cooked throughout and will prevent overcooking while keeping in moisture and all. This is such a cool idea! I love how it's a great way to meal prep. Thanks for sharing this!!

    ~Andrea Tiffany~

  2. What a clever idea! *runs to kitchen to have a go*
    I love all hacks! more of these pretty please!
    Catherine x

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