Monday, 5 June 2017

Espresso Proteini- low carb Espresso Martini with Blendtec

Hello and firstly apologies for the long long radio silence on here, it's been a mad mad time but I have lots of content to share with you so will be positing much more frequently from now on, I promise! thank you also, to everyone who e-mailed/ messaged me checking I was ok!

Since I last wrote on here there has been the most amazing weather in the UK and I have been absolutely loving it! We've been having barbeques and eating al fresco as much as humanly possible- even when it's quite late as we've just got back from work and actually quite cold and we have to eat huddled under blankets!

Now you may or may not know that I am literally obsessed with frozen cocktails, and anything frozen for that matter. I'm the sort of person who loves drinks to be either really hot or really cold, and nothing in between, I'm so pedantic about it in fact that I even hold cold drinks from the very very bottom of the glass as I'm worried that my hand will warm the glass up.

Onto this drink then, I've got a thing for cocktails and they're one of the things I miss the most so I'm always trying to think of low carb ways that I can enjoy them, remember my low carb moscow mules and low carb French 75 cocktails? This one, anyway has got to be one of my very favourites so far, not just because it tastes so so good, but also because it's so quick and easy to make, and best of all, is frozen! 

Now frozen cockatils are pretty hard to make at home unless you have the right kit, I've used the Blendtec 725 which literally smashes through the ice in mere seconds and produces a smooth icy drink you'll want to enjoy all summer long! Even better, it's motor is so strong that if you blend things for longer, soup ingredients for example, you can even heat food in it, I'll tell you more about that another time though! I also used my Nespresso Machine as they're more reasonable than you think, both for the machine and for the pods as you can get compatible pods from nearly all supermarkets now and the coffee is so so good.

To make this beauty you will need (makes two)
  • Two shots of coffee- I used two shots from my Nespresso, you can sweeten these if that's you you'd normally enjoy your coffee
  • A scoop of chocolate protein powder- 30g
  • A big cup of ice
  • Two shots of vodka- I won't judge you if you want to slip a sly extra one in though...
Then to make it:
  • Add everything to your blender, pulse several times until the ice is completely broken down and it's well blended. 
  • Enjoy!
You could add some peanut butter if you wanted to make it peanut butter cup flavoured, or you could of course mix up the flavours of protein powder you use. 

I am looking forward to trying lots of other cocktail recipes soon, so hopefully you'll be seeing lots more of them from me!
Hope you're all enjoying the weather! 


  1. I love everything about this, always looking for ways to add protein to my diet as it's the macro I always fall short of when tracking, never thought of adding it to a cocktail though!

  2. These look soooo delicious and sound almost borderline healthy, I am very interested!
    Ella x

  3. YES PLEASE! Frozen cocktails are life! Gimme all of these please!!!!!

  4. I tried these last weekend and wanted to tell you thank you, I do not have the same blender as you do so they weren't as smooth looking but still very very good and a great way of incorporating protein into my diet. I am heading to look at the blender now...

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  6. Gorge gorge gorge. This is my fav recipe yet


  7. This is such a clever idea!!!

  8. I am going to try this and add some mint extract to it, it would be very christmassy I think :) Pxx


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