Saturday, 16 September 2017

Three luxury cruelty free room sprays

It's been a little (long) while since I last wrote a beauty post, and while this isn't strictly speaking a beauty post, it's more related to beauty than it is to food and I had a few products I really liked and wanted to tell you about. 

I've been trying lots more cruelty free products for the home, for example candles, room sprays, reed diffusers as well as cleaning products.I burn candles especially often and have become mindful about wanting to use more natural candles so I am also on the lookout for some good, cruelty free, natural candles that look and smell nice. Recommendations greatly appreciated!

Anyway, onto room sprays, I stopped using traditional air fresheners years ago, the smell is too strong, too artificial and just generally not particularly pleasant to me. I do like a room to smell nice though, and sometimes candles and reed diffusers don't give off a strong enough scent for me. I love the cold air Aroma Diffuser which you add oils to as they give off such a strong scent, but I have recently started using these in a different way. I've found if you add a few sprays of a room spray they diffuse the room with that scent gradually so you really get the scent but it isn't overpowering and now it's one of my favourite ways to scent a room.

I've been playing around with a few different brands which are all cruelty free, some more natural than others, and felt it was time to share!
First up is Neom. I love Neom as the products are all natural, UK made with sustainable origins, they're mostly organic. They use no artificial perfume fragrancing their products only with pure essential oils and there's no petrochemical paraffin or mineral wax. All of that means I don't feel too worried about breathing the products in and feel like I can spray the room spray pretty liberally with confidence. Which is just as well as I like spraying this one a lot! I have the Happiness Home Mist and it really does smell rather lovely. Its a hard smell to place, and it does smell quite 'Neom', by which I mean I feel all their scents seem to be quite related and smell quite different to other brands. The smell is quite a fresh one with Neroli, Mimosa and lemon and while it might not make me feel instantly happier, the house is a nicer place when it's filled with this fragrance. The packaging is also rather lovely, a heavy frosted glass bottle that you'll probably want to leave out rather than hide it away in a cupboard.
Next up is Neal's Yard Balancing Aromatherapy Room Spray. There's a bit of a theme here with these brands as they seem to label their products by how they make you feel rather than what they smell of. Again this has no synthetic fragrance, and is organic and vegan. It is scented with bergamot, patchouli and geranium and they also do a candle and a reed diffuser in the same fragrance. The fragrance is very strong and a little really does go a long way. I spray this directly into the Aroma Diffuser and it makes me feel like I'm in a spa! It is packaged in their signature blue glass bottle and again does not need hiding away in a cupboard!

Lastly, an honourable mention has to go to the Diptyque Tubereuse room spray this can not be beaten for scent pay off and while it is cruelty free, I wasn't able to find the same level of detail about how the fragrance is produced so I'm not sure it is quite as natural as the first two. Diptyqe do a much more comprehensive range of fragrances, and also unlike the other two brands they largely name them by the actual scent ie Baies (berries) with a few exceptions, so there's more choice and also if you do have a favourite scent then you might well be able to find it or one close. I love the Verveine (lemon verbena) and the Tuberose. The Verveine is a lovely strong citrus scent while the Tuberose is a very heavy scent, but whenever I use this one it's one that people always ask about. This is more expensive than the first two though the bottle is half as big again so you do get much more, plus they're so heavily scented that I do feel you need a little less.

Phew that was a lot of writing! well done if you got to the end!! I would love to hear if you have any room spray recommendations, after a long time of mainly using candles I am only just getting into them so would love to hear your thoughts. See you very soon, I'm about to start composing a similar candle post so look out for that one!


  1. This is a great post, it would be helpful if you also put the prices too. I am so tempted by the Neom one, the packaging really matches my bathroom aesthetic and would be so tempted to see if it did make me feel more happy!

    1. Oh that's a good idea about the prices. Thanks for the feedback. I will do that in future.
      You need the Neom one in your life!! Xx

  2. These all sound so so good, i want them all please!!
    Ella x

  3. This is absolute goals! Your room sprays are so so extra

    1. Ha ha. I love this!! Posh room sprays are the future!

  4. I want all of them!

  5. These photographs are next level, they are so bright and crisp.


  6. Diptyque is not cruelty free as the lotions and fragrances are sold In Beijing

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