Monday, 4 December 2017

Five ways of enjoying low carb cauliflower rice

Now I have to confess to doing a post very similar to this ages and ages ago and to be honest I've been making it ever since. Cauliflower rice is pretty much a staple I make all the time now and I'm not the only one, for ages on Instagram I could see people in the US posting pictures of Green Giant frozen cauliflower rice and I was super jealous that we didn't have it here. Last week however I noticed that actually frozen cauliflower rice (along with other veggie rices like broccoli) are available in the UK and I couldn't be more excited! Made right you really barely can tell the difference from regular rice and even if you're not watching the carbs, there's no denying how good for you it is to have a big portion of cauliflower!

Now lots of the supermarkets do sell frozen and fresh cauliflower rice which is so easy and convenient, but don't forget that making your own does literally take minutes and is so easy. As with a lot of my cooking/ food prep, I have been making mine in my Blendtecand it's not even a 5 minute job, you just roughly chop a cauliflower, drop it in, blend for a minute and it's done!
  1. Egg fried rice this really is my favourite way. It tastes so good, I really don't think you miss the usual rice, follow this recipe and don't look back! 
  2. Risotto- follow any of your usual risotto recipe and just sub in the cauliflower rice for the risotto rice. Now it does need less time than risotto rice but just follow your recipe in terms of the other ingredients etc then knock a bit of time off at the end once it seems fully cooked. I have made mushroom risottos as well as veggie ones and they work every time. Bear in mind you do want to go quite flavour heavy if you're not to keen on the cauliflower taste. 
  3. Bolognese. Now this sounds weird but you really do have to trust me on this one. I am obviously veggie and usually only have quorn/ soya mince in a bolognese so I instead sub in the cauliflower rice, I often blend it a little less so it's slightly more chunky and it really works, especially if you add lots of red wine :) 
  4. Tabbouleh salad. This is one of my fave salads and when you sub in the cauli rice for the couscous you barely tell the difference! Just follow your usual tabbouleh recipe subbing the cauliflower in instead of the couscous and then than me later!
  5. Cauliflower mash Starting from cauliflower rice, I just steam well until its really tender then mash or blend in my blendtec. It's far quicker and tastes so good. Now, you do taste the caulilflower so it's not the same as regular mash (though it's pretty close), adding in some garlic and cheese masks the cauliflower taste though and is so so good. It also reheats really well! 
That's it for now, I would love to hear your favourite ways for using cauliflower rice. Do you make it yourself or buy it in? 


  1. These are such clever ways of enjoying cauliflower. I would especially never have thought of using it as a mince substitute!

  2. Great post, I like all of these ideas! P xx

  3. These are all great ideas! I want to try the bolognese one, I think I did see it on your Instagram a while ago now you mention it!


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