Monday, 27 April 2020

Lilac infused water

Spring has sprung and we have been so super lucky with the weather so far, which we've been even more grateful for it given we've been home for weeks now!

Lilacs only have a really short season and I am so superstitious that I don't like cutting them and bringing them in the house as it's apparently bad luck and as we're in the midst of a global pandemic I didn't really want to risk the type of bad luck lilacs indoors are meant to bring!

There's lots of varieties of lilacs, though not as many as there once were apparently which is sad. I like the Persian lilac which is a gentle lavender colour- I tend to gravitate towards all things Persian given my half Persian heritage! This would work with whatever lilac you had though.

I really do love them though so have been cutting some to sit on the table outside and I've also been using them to make lilac water which I thought I'd share both to look back on and also in case anyone else wanted to make it.

This isn't really a recipe as there's nothing to it really, it's more just intended as inspiration!

To make it just fill the vessel of your choice with water and then pop in a big lilac blossom, leave it to infuse for an hour or so, you can even leave it overnight and the taste will just become stronger, and enjoy. If you like you can mix it up a little with some mint, tapping the inside of the glass before you drop it in to release the flavour. If you do use mint (or another herb) only use a very small amount as the lilac flavour is very delicate and can easily be lost.

As you're drinking it you can keep refilling it, throwing the flowers away and starting again after a day or so.


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