Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Dahlias in July

When we decided to come back to the UK in March, one of the things that I was really excited about was seeing all my favourite summer flowers that I'd known I would miss in Dubai. One of those of course was dahlias.

I had planned on trying to grow some once winter came and the heat was less harsh but I wasn't sure how that would pan out really. I did know though that my dahlias in the UK were pretty much a sure thing.

I am a pretty sloppy gardener really and didn't overwinter any of them, so they were all left either in the ground or in their pots and of course when you do this you can lose some, so I have been excited to see that I've only lost one and the rest are going great guns!

On that note, I thought I'd share a few photos to remember them as they're just beautiful and I've been so pleased with them.

These giant dinnerplate ones were the first one to bloom this year (though I actually did a few from seed which flowered first- more on those another time). As they are dinnerplate ones they have super huge flowers, the ones I have so far aren't even as big as they'll end up being, but I'm still so happy with them.

These were the next ones to pop through, look at those long stems!

Next came these white spiky numbers, once they started they just kept coming and haven't stopped since!

And that was it for July, though lots of buds and growth. Anyway, I hope you enjoy, I am aware I have missed July, but wanted to put this up regardless to remind myself when they came. I might do another post with some more on as they start coming! I will also be back soon with some foodies posts, let me know if there;s anything you'd like to see :) 
If you'd like to see more of my garden in Spring then I wrote about that here!

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