Friday, 18 September 2020

Late summer tomato salads

So I know I have posted many of these sorts of posts but my tomato pictures always seem to go down quite well on Instagram and I do love a tomato salad so thought I'd post another regardless. 

I am SO partial to a tomato salad, or tomato based dish in general. I love them just as a salad, on toast, mixed with cheese (cheddar, feta, Parmesan or goats cheese in particular, but also most other cheeses), or as a sauce with pasta, rice etc. 

This time of year they are even better that usual as I am picking them fresh off the vine and there isn't much that tastes better than a sun ripened tomato picked fresh off the vine covered liberally in salt, pepper and some olive oil. 

With that said then, here's a few pictures of some that I have had this week, along with some pictures of how my tomatoes in the garden have been getting on. It has to be sad, they've been very slow this year, namely because summer has been so hit and miss, but we've had a little blast of summer this week and it's really helped them along.

 I have also been utilising lots of the advice I put in this Instagram post and that also seems to have helped, though I am, of course, not quite sure which bits have helped as I tried everything at the same time- there wasn't much time for experimenting. It may, then, have been any one of these things that worked, or perhaps it was just the sunshine, either way as long as they're ripening I am not too bothered. 

And that's it really, I just thought I'd throw out that quick post in case you might be interested, but also because, as I have said before, it is nice to have these little memories stored somewhere for me to look back on. These are funny, anxiety inducing times, but it's nice to remember these little moments of calm and happiness, of late summer lunches spent outside and seeing the fruits blossoming from plants I started right in the heart of lockdown. 


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