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Anyone who follows me on instagram will know about my love affair with zoodles (basically spaghetti made from courgette or zuchhini as it’s known in the US). I am so addicted to them that I literally have been having them probably 5 days a week! They are so great raw or cooked and I literally do think that they are just like pasta.

 The best thing about them apart from the taste, the cost and the very low carbs and calories is how quick they are to make. I am sure that I can make them start to finish with a sauce in under 15 minutes! Plus I usually make double so I can take some in for my lunch the next day!

 You can see on this page some example of the ways that I have eaten them recently. But basically you can eat them in any way that you would normally eat pasta, here are some ideas:
  •   Olive oil with garlic and chill
  •   Pesto
  •   Tomato sauce
  •   Cheese sauce
  •   Mushroom sauce

Like I said they are so so easy to make, and you can make them in several different ways; either with a normal vegetable peeler which is how I started making them, with a julienne peeler which is how I currently make them (though I do still sometimes make them with a normal vegetable peeler) or with a spiralizer which I haven’t yet invested in but probably will do very soon!
 It seems like the spiralizer makes noodles which are slightly rounder and slightly more resemble spaghetti but I still find the julienne noodles very close hence me putting off buying the spiralizer up until now! Equally you can also slice the courgette before peeling it and get the noodles in the same way that way, but more on that in another post!
 So, assuming you are making them with a julienne peeler, you literally take a courgette and wash it, the slice it down one side using the peeler putting the peelings to one side after each go, until you get the middle seedy bit of the courgette. Once you get here, turn it upside down so the flat side is down and do exactly the same on that side until you get to the seeds. Once you have done this do each side and then either save the middle bit or throw it away. The middle bit will not make very good noodles as the seeds make that section very flimsy so those noodles tend to all fall apart.

After that you can either eat them raw or just saute them for a few minutes in a little oil (I tend to use flavoured oil like a garlic or basil oil), until they soften.  And that's it! So so easy! 

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