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I thought it might be helpful to share some of my essentials, including food I always keep in, and tools that i always use for cooking and food preparation etc. It's also quite a handy way for me to keep details of those tools in one place so i don't forget them when they need replacing etc. I hope you find it useful!

(note: a few of these have links next to them, if you click these links they'll take you straight to places where you can buy them from. these are affiliate links so I will earn a small commission if you do this)

I have updated a few of these to include some of my favourite tableware and utensils:

This is the big one. I use my spiralizer literally all the time. This is so amazing for making zoodles with and I use it literally every day. You can make pasta-like meals in quicker than the time that it takes to make pasta, and they taste amazing too! The one I use can be found here, I tried a couple and this one has lasted me the longest, and it gets very heavy use!
Amazing for making sauces, pesto, cauliflower rice, and of course juices and smoothies, I use this all the time, and it takes a minute to clean and is nice and compact so it doesn't use up too much valuable workspace! 

Have you used/ got a Vitamix yet? If not you need one. They are so powerful and you can actually make soups from scratch in 5 minutes. You can also make ice cream, frozen yoghurts, cocktails, frappuccinos, you name it! Bulkier and pricier than the nutribullet but so so worth it!
Do you use this stuff? If not, why not? It is amazing. It comes on a roll, you cut off as much as you need and then use it to line whatever you're cooking with. You can line a frying pan with it and then fry your egg on it without oil. You can line a baking tray with it and then peel your cauliflower crust pizza off it easily. You can line the bottom of your oven with it and then remove it revealing a pristine oven floor underneath. Honestly this stuff literally is life saving! 

Ok, so they're a few of my essentials, now onto the important bit; the food:


-Free range eggs
-Duck eggs
-Very strong cheddar
-Goats Cheese

-Pine nuts

-Peanut Butter
-Atkins bars
-Sugar free chocolate 



  1. Thanks for the tip about the pesto - I agree that it's such a staple product. So versatile! :-)

  2. I've just revisited this post about your everyday essentials, as I found it so useful last time. I'm actually thinking of buying a spiralizer now - maybe a xmas present to myself :-) Where would you recommend I buy one from?


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