Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Back on induction! Day 1.

Well it’s the New Year and as a consequence I have been putting together a list of *achievable* resolutions.  I won’t go into them here as the list is long but broadly covers; money (i.e. take better care of it), de-clutter my home (I would like to empty the house of at least half of all the stuff that’s currently in there), and finally health and wellbeing which brings me nicely onto weight (ie lose lots more of it!).

I have joined a little weight loss club at work wherein myself and 4 of my colleagues have resolved to weigh ourselves each Monday and have also put some money on it which will be collected by the person who manages to lose the highest percentage of their body weight by May 1st 2015. In order to achieve this I have decided to go back onto the induction stage of Atkins as this usually manages to help me shift weight quickly. To keep me accountable I thought I’d go through each day and list what I’ve eaten on here for the first week at least. I also thought I’d find this helpful as I‘m always struggling to remember what I’ve eaten in the past when doing this and often wish I’d kept a better log of it to give me ideas for the next time I do it.

I am not doing induction in the strictest sense of the word as I am planning on having 25g-30g carbs per day rather than 20g as I think that’s more achieveable as being vegetarian I can’t exist on meat which most atkins dieters do during this phase.

I can’t guarantee many pictures or good quality ones at least but will try and put some in so you can get a better idea of what I had.  

Without further ado then here’s what I had today:                         

Monday 05.01.2015
What I ate
Total carbs
One piece of livlife bread topped with cheddar cheese
One Atkins cappuccino nut bar
Mixed rainbow salad
Small pack of vegetable crisps
Evening meal
2 egg goats cheese omelette


So, I’m pretty pleased with that- managed to stick within the 25g target with 0.1g of the lower end of my target to spare! 
I am already obsessing about what to eat tomorrow, I am out for most of the day so am thinking of making some little quiches or a big frittata that I can slice up and have pieces of, as well as a big salad and maybe some cauliflower cheese. I find thinking about all the things that I can have helps to keep me motivated and also stops me obsessing about all the food that I do want to eat!

I won’t lie, I am definitely hungry and missing various carb based foods that I indulged in but am determined to stick to my resolve and lose a good few pounds before our weigh in next week- I’ll keep you updated as to the results. See you tomorrow!

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  1. That's great Vatkinary. Well done and keep up the good work. I can't wait for the next installation. I hope it's written by Sat morn. That's my favourite morning and like all great Saturdays - it starts with a lil read of your blog!


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