Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Quick and easy tomato and basil sauce

So would you believe that it's November and despite not having a very good summer, there are still tomatoes in my garden? We've had no frost yet and while most of the tomatoes we have left are green or yellow, I keep bringing them inside and putting them in the window and they do keep ripening. that means that I am still in that summer scenario where you're constantly trying to think of things to make with tomatoes as there's so many to use up!
One of my very favourite ways to sue tomatoes is to make sauce with them as it's so so quick and easy and so versatile as you can use it with so so many things. This is barely a recipe as it is so simple but I thought I'd share it with you as I make it all the time and don't think I have shared it before. 
This one here is a simple tomato and basil sauce, so you course they;re really the only two ingredients you need, you can add a few extras in to make it more interesting such as garlic, but you can still make a perfectly good sauce with just these ingredients. I have made mine in my Blendtec just because it's so so quick, but you can do this in a pan and use a hand held blender as well. You can hopefully see from my pictures that some of my tomatoes are also a bit past their best, so they're not the tomatoes I would always use if I was making a salad for example, so those tomatoes really are great for this sort of thing as you can be just a little bit less selective than you might for other recipes. 
I'll get on with it then, like I said if you have a high powered blender such as a Blendtec then you can do this from start to finish in a few minutes, I will then pour the hot sauce over some zoodles and sprinkle with cheese for the quickest meal ever. I have mentioned before that I don't usually cook my zoodles as they can go soggy so this sort of thing where you make the sauce and then add it to the zoodles while it's still hot is perfect. 
Quantities aren't really important here, but I've added some rough ones just to get you going. you will need (makes one jar, enough for a big bowl of zoodles)
  • About three big handfuls of tomatoes, any size or color works I've used a complete mixture 
  • A handful of basil 
  • Some salt and pepper 
Then to make it:
  • Throw all the ingredients into the blender and turn onto low setting and blend for around 1 minute
  • Slowly turn the speed up until you're on the maximum and blend until hot 
  • remove and either serve immediately over zoodles, mixing well to warm the zoodles through, or dispense into a jar and save for later. You can also freeze it and it will keep for ages!

That's it then, told you it was easy! I'll be back again soon, got some great Christmas posts coming up, I can't believe it's so soon now, I am so excited! 

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