Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Frozen raspberry low carb cocktails

Hello, I hope you're all having a lovely January, it feels like a little while since I last wrote on here! We've had a couple of parties already this year so I wanted to pop back on and share another cocktail that went down a storm when I tested it on friends last weekend.

Let me introduce you to iced raspberry and lemon champagne cocktails. Very similar to the low carb lemon champagne cocktails I recently posted (which you guys all seemed to love btw), but this time I added in some raspberries and loved the results so thought I'd quickly share them with you.
Once again these are super super quick to make and don't taste low calorie/ carb at all, I may have even whipped some up for myself the other night as they're so refreshing. I've made mine in my Blendtec and it literally takes minutes. 
To make two you will need:
  • Two big handfuls of ice
  • Two lemons 
  • 250 ml prosecco/ cava/ champagne- I would never use the really good stuff in cocktails though as they're other strong flavours that will overpower it
  • 8 raspberries 
Then to make them:

  • Pop the ice into a blender
  • Add the flesh form the lemons (take care to remove the pips if you can as well!) 
  • Blend until slushy
  • At the end add 6 of the raspberries to the blender and blend for a few seconds until they've just started to break down
  • Divide the mixture equally between the glasses 
  • Top up with fizz
  • Garnish with your remaining raspberries
  • Enjoy! 

I'm going to try experimenting with other flavours, as these are so so easy and pretty virtuous as the ice makes them a but less alcoholic, if I try anything else and it works well, I'll be in touch! 

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