Monday, 21 June 2021

Some things flowering in the garden in mid June

 This has been a very late year for the garden thanks to the washout that was May this year, as  a result, some things are only just blooming now, that we would have usually seen much earlier in the year. Despite being disappointed about this, now it's finally starting to burst I wanted to capture a little of it so I can look back in later months and maybe later years as I always tend to forget when each thing started once it all gets going. 

I'll start with the fruit and vegetables as there's the least to say about these. Aside from the radishes and lettuce, there's very little ready to eat from the spring/ summer vegetables, though my early strawberries, some of which I planted in hanging baskets are doing so well now. 

The courgettes have just started and I'm able to harvest flowers here and there and some very small courgettes (I actually prefer them very small). The tomatoes are now coming but all very green and the peas and beans are just flowering, with a few broad beans emerging, though still very small. I love this time though, when there's developments and growth every day and the promise of what is to come is so visible. 

In terms of flowers, all of a sudden over the past few weeks it has really started, with the roses, peonies and sweet peas out in full force. There's also the first stocks as well as geraniums, pelargoniums and the bedding petunias. It's a funny year for me as I still can't smell but I remember so well the scents of each of them and am really hoping it will be back by the end of summer - working on my smell training each day right now. 

Lastly the herbs, I've planted some new, interesting ones this year, alongside the perennials we've had for a long time here. I let lots go to seed as I love using the edible flowers as garnishes

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