Monday, 26 February 2018

The easiest way to eat kale

A quick little blog post as I've not done one in a while following catastrophic website difficulties! You might notice that my blog address has changed a bit, basically there was a problem on the server that my site is on which culminated in me losing lots of data... not good. Anyway, I'm back now, albeit with this slightly amended website address which will hopefully be back to normal soon!

In all the drama of this I haven't had time to channel much energy into writing blog posts, especially as I wasn't sure whether they'd even be read or not as all seemed to be lost for a little while, but wanted to pop back with a quick one as it's something I've been enjoying recently.

I have been making an effort to eat more kale and more goodness in general recently. This is one of my fave ways to eat kale as kale can be a little bit tough and sometimes a little bit bitter but this way you can just add it to almost everything without hardly knowing you've done it.

It's not really groundbreaking but I basically just add the kale to my Blendtec, and blitz it several times until it breaks down into tiny pieces (you might want to remove some of the tougher stems first as these really do take some breaking down). If you keep going it will almost break down into almost sawdust size pieces and won't go soggy at all. Once it's this size it's far less tough and you can easily add it to things and barely known it's there. For example you can sprinkle it on salads or soups or other hot meals and it seems to pretty much dissolve in.

I've tried to show here how small it goes but it's still quite hard to see!
I do still eat it in it's normal form and I do love it that way, especially in kale salads, but this just seems like a good way to bulk meals out and add goodness to them without it dominating the food. I'd love to know your thoughts, have you tried eating kale this way?
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