Monday, 19 January 2015

Back on induction day 7

Hi and so sorry for the delay in putting this post up. It’s taken me so long to actually put it up that I have even started a new regime during this time which I am now a few days into and will be sharing with you soon. I will point out though that I have only started something completely different not because low carb doesn’t work but because I wanted to see what the effects would be if I completely changed things around. Anyway more of that another time.

Well the last day was quite challenging as one of the worst things when you’re dieting happened, I had to eat out. I always dread this when I’m dieting as it means I obviously won’t know exactly what went in my food but it couldn’t be avoided. Plus it wasn’t actually that bad as we were having a Christmas celebration (I know it’s very late but some of my family hadn’t been around for Christmas so we had to do it in jan!). we did do it at a relatives house though which was good as it meant I had some input into what we were eating. I was able to request two very low carb starters and as we were having a traditional Christmas main meal I was able to just eat the lower carb vegetables from that. Then for pudding my Auntie who incidentally is doing the dukan, made an egg custard type pudding with lots of cinnamon and nutmeg and we had a cheese board so that was fine also.

So while I don’t have exact carb counts for what it ate this day I do know it was quite low!
So for starters we non-meateaters had two choices; egg mayonnaise and a tomato and onion salad. I went pretty heavy on both (though went quite easy on the onions !

The main course I didn't photograph as I didn't really want to take pictures while we were eating so just took ones before people came in for the starter and before the dessert as we had had a break then and people had dissipated! Main course for me though was a lot of green beans in lemon butter, a couple of small pieces of carrot, a lot of broccoli and some cauliflower cheese. 

Dessert as I said above is an Atkins and Dukan friendly egg custard with lots of cinnamon and nutmeg. 

I also followed this slightly later on with some cheese board, also not pictured. 

Right so as I said I'm not really able to calculate the exact carb count for this- unhelpful I know. We ate at 4 so the meal was also my lunch and dinner combined, though I did have breakfast. 

I'll do my best anyway at working out the rough carb count using my fitness pal below:

Sunday 11.01.15
What I ate
Total carbs
Two egg omelette with cheddar and asparagus
Lunch/ dinner
About 2 eggs with mayonnaise and lettuce
Tomato and onion salad with olive oil, salt and pepper
Mixed vegetables
One egg custard tart with eggs, double cream, and almond milk
A small plate of cheeses  with a couple of pieces of celery
A few glasses of white wine 









Like I said, that's approximate! So I managed it and I was so pleased I'd managed to stay on track, though it was made much easier by the fact I'd managed to have input into what we were eating. The only downfall was the wine as I had read that while alcohol doesn't have that many crabs, your body burns it first before using the fat stores that it normally burns in ketosis. 

I did get weighed the following day, and gad managed to lose 4.5lbs (about 2kg). I was pleased though had secretly hoped for more! Nit sure if it was on the low side because I'd had the drink or if I'd still had a few too many crabs as the induction does reccommend staying below 20g per day but that is hardly possible if you don't eat meat or fish. 

Anyway as I mentioned above I then decided to try something completely different as I have also read that switching things up completely can really help keep your body guessing, so expect to hear about that very soon...

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