Monday, 18 May 2015

Things I want

So I thought I'd compile a bit of a list of things I currently feel my kitchen/life is desperately lacking in, as I am constantly seeing things in magazines/blogs/pinterest/other peoples houses/shops and thinking about how I much I need them but never seem to get round to putting all these things together in a proper list. Not all of the items are strictly low carb related, but all are things I can see myself using while still sticking to a low carb plan.

1. First up, this citrus mister. This may not seem remotely essential but I am quite sure it is. It's basically a little bottle that has two heads, the first you use to squeeze your fruit, it then collects all the juice into the little bottle and removes the pips and pith etc. You then swap the heads over and place the misting head on top to spray a measured amount of juice onto your food. I think this would be so good for salads because I make lots of things with avocado which starts to turn brown pretty quickly and I often find myself drenching it with lemon if I'm making it ahead and this just looks such an easier way to cover it with lemon juice while not saturating it and losing the avocado flavour. Obviously not an essential but I definitely want one and for £6.00 I'm pretty definitely getting one! You can get this one here

2. This food bag is super cool. It's made from food grade silicone, folds down completley flat, is incredibly light and you can use it to store sandwiches, salads etc. You can then pop it in the dishwasher once it's finished. I'm not completely sold on the weird handbag design, but love the idea of it apart from that! Find it here

3. Next up is this very weird looking jelly bag. I wouldn't use it for jelly though, I'd use it for making nut milk and also more crucially for getting the water out of cauliflower when making a cauliflower crust pizza instead of using a tea towel, as I have pretty much destroyed teatowels doing just that. This one is just under £3 and you can find it here

4. I love Falcon enamelware, after years of hating it and never understanding why my mum used it so much. I love the fact that it goes from oven to table and I sometimes make a frittata in one putting it on the hob then transferring it to the oven/grill then serving it in the same dish. This set has 5 different sized bowls and a colander. I am imagining having barbeques/ garden picnics and serving pretty much most things in falcon bowls/ plates, including serving salads in the colander. This set is a bit more of an indulgence at £55 and you can find it here

5. I can absolutely see myself using this drinks dispenser at parties and barbeques come summertime. It's blue so matches most of my crockery, and crucially is massive so it can just be filled up with punch/ infused water/ Pimms/ Summercup and then forgotten about so your guests can fill up while you concentrate on drinking  mingling. You can find it (and ones in other colours) here

6. If there is even the slightest chance that this avocado saver really works then I want one! I am always using half an avocado and then feeling pressured to use the other half quickly to stop it going brown and lots being wasted. I don't mind them slightly brown but if they're left for much more than a day they turn all sorts of unsavoury colours that make you not really want to eat them anymore. This one is silicone so fits v snugly over the avocado and supposedly keeps it fresh for days... I would probably still spray it with some lemon juice (assuming I've got the citrus mister by then) first, just to make doubly sure. Anyway for just over £5 for a pack of two, one large, one small, it's got to be worth a go, get one here

7. This Joseph Joseph "scoot wheel" is possibly one of the lesser essential items in this list, but I do think it would come in handy for chopping herbs. It has a blade guard to stop you cutting your fingers when looking for it in the drawer, is super compact and could even replace your pizza cutter? Find one here

8. This double egg cup just speaks for itself. It is quite obviously not an essential but its definitely a desirable item on my list. Come to think of it, most things on this list probably aren't essential as I am currently managing quite well without any of them, but that doesn't mean my life wouldn't be infinitely better with them. Anyway, anyone who follows a low carb diet will probably confirm that you very rarely eat eggs one at a time. Therefore this egg cup that holds two eggs is just perfect, just add some low carb soldiers, or asparagus to dip and you're away! Find it here

And that's it for now, I actually really enjoyed doing that, so expect more similar posts soon!


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