Friday, 6 November 2015

Low carb London- Juice Baby

Juice Baby is a compact little juice bar situated at the end of the Kings road that also sells a good range of food alongside their cold pressed juices, smoothies and milks. Everything there is plantbased, refined sugar free, organic and mostly raw, aside from a few steamed grains.

It's a lovely light space, full of extremely cool looking yoga types, with lovely window seats which are perfect for people watching.

 I couldn't find their nutritional information anywhere but it's pretty easy to find the low carb dishes and drinks as all the ingredients are clearly marked and you can see exactly what's in each thing.

The hot drinks are all made with cashew milk making a low carb cappuccino a very tempting prospect. There's not sweetener though so you might want to take your own if you usually have that in your drinks.

My favourite is the Raw Detox bowl which is full of kale, cucumber, tomatoes, and a delicious avocado pesto dressing, as well as lots of sprouts and seeds

Also very worth a mention is the Glow bowl (pictured), this one's full of herby quinoa (not terribly low carb I know, but a very small portion that you could easily miss out or probably fit within your carb budget), kale, roasted courgette strips and an amazing turmeric mustard dressing that I keep unsuccessfully trying to recreate.

They also serve two gazpachos: one red, one green, that are on my list for the next things to try.

Also delicious are their little snacks/ desserts. I've only tried a bit of my friends sticky toffee balls which were amazing but will have higher carbs as they contain dates, though they're very small so you could possibly afford to have them if you're not being too strict.

My friend also had a wheatgrass shot, as she's quite a hardcore juicer. These are pretty strong if you're not used to the taste (like me!).

If you do go, pop along early rather than smack bang in the middle of lunch time as it's a small space so can be difficult to find a seat, oh, and make sure you try the Glow bowl- you won't be disappointed!


  1. I keep meaning to try here, is it expensive? Think the wheatgrass might be a bit much for me though...

    1. It isn't cheap, particularly for a meal eaten out of a plastic bowl- about £8-9 maybe for a salad or £7 for a juice. It's really nice though!

  2. This sounds nice! I've been past a few times but not found my way in...yet, will try to soon!

    1. Oh you absolutely must! The salads are amazing!

  3. This sounds really good, I remember reading about it on another blog and meaning to go in and try it, this post just reminded me of that!


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