Saturday, 2 January 2016

A low carb New Years Eve

I was planning to put this post up before New Year which would have been a far better idea as I was hoping to give people ideas of low(ish) carb food and drink to have at a party. However, as I was too busy being Christmassy I didn't manage in time. On the plus side, I wouldn't have had the photos so perhaps this might inspire you for next new year, or for any party actually as these ideas aren't New Year specific.

Anyway, I digress. We had a reasonably low key New Year, it was just the two of us, but I still wanted to make a semi-effort to make everywhere look pretty and partyish. I lit a lot of candles and turned on every set of fairy lights I could find, which was surprisingly many actually as I had a lot and then bought loads more when they started reducing them just before Christmas.

I chilled a magnum of Prosecco, I got this one from Asda,and it was so good. very dry, and just the perfect size bottle for two (Prosecco lovers)...

I decked the table out in all white, and covered it with some fake snow and other little sparkly Christmassy bits I found. I lit my favourite eucalyptus candle and burnt some rosemary and lavender oil in my oil burner, those smells together are my current favourites!

I talked about Fair vodka in my Green goddess cocktail post, and it's a new favourite, we miraculously had some left over. I also chilled some more light elderflower presse, some BLOOM gin, and some light tonic water (not pictured) so I had plenty of low carb options to be going on with!

I love these little cream cheese bites, they come out every year just for Christmas, and they do two different packs, these ones are topped with pesto but they also do an olive pack. They're called Appeteasers and they're super low carb so make the perfect nibble.

These cucumber and cream cheese little rolls are so niceand I often pop some in my lunchbox. They're so easy to make, just cut a cucumber in half lengthways, peel strips from it using a vegetable peeler. You then place a small blob of cream cheese (about half a teaspoon) at one end, and roll it up around it then place them with the end down so they stay in place. You can of course be a bit more experimental with what you put in the middle and I sometimes put a little sundried tomato or mozzarella balls in there. They also keep for a day or two so make a few while you're at it to snack on the day after.

These cucumber, feta and pomegranate bites are so so delicious, I got the recipe from Lorraine Pascale and you can find it here. They're actually quicker and far less fiddly than it first seems and they're a bit of a go to now whenever we have a party. I didn't use the dill this time and didn't actually miss it.

A little bowl of sundried tomatoes because sundried tomatoes are always a good idea. I also popped a little plate of raspberries there, the main reason behind this was that I had got them on offer earlier in the day, but the secondary reason was that I thought they'd be nice to pop in the bubbly (which they were!)

There was some additional food which I didn't photograph, but that wasn't for me and it wasn't low carb and it wasn't ready when I took these pics. You aren't missing much there though...

We started things off with a cheeky little vodka, elderflower and tonic, I served mine in a champagne saucer just because it was New Years and I figured I could use whichever glass I wanted to!

 Before pouring a couple of cheeky glasses of fizz to see in the New Year and sing Auld Lang Syne with. (Sorry about the spill, but it was 23.55 and I wasn't that desperate to get a good photo!)

We rounded things off with some little digestifs in front of the tree, served in these delightful LSA glasses. We had two each, again because it was New Years and you're allowed to indulge at times like that, and also because I knew I was starting a detox the following day and wanted one last bit of decadence! Mine were sugar free chocolate vodka and sugar free limoncello, both recipes I'll post about soon, as they're too good not to share!

And that was it, bleary eyed we stumbled upstairs and when we woke up it was very officially 2016. It's been a bit of a difficult year this year so really praying for a better one this time. I hope you all had wonderful nights whatever you got up to. Thank you so so much for all your support in 2015, and Happy New Year!

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  1. I ❤️❤️❤️ This post! You're by far becoming one of my most frequently read bloggers! Beautiful pictures!

  2. Oh wow! This is such a beautiful post. I loved reading it and admiring all your pictures! I must try that prosecco from ASDA btw!


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