Friday, 15 June 2018

Low carb affogato

I would love to say I discovered Affogato whilst in Italy, but I didn't, I'm not sure where I first saw it, but it was definitely in the UK. That aside, it has since become one of my favourite drinks, or desserts, and I find it hard to say no whenever I see it anywhere. It did occur to me the other week when I got really excited at seeing it on a menu that it would actually be really easy to make at home as it is essentially just espresso and ice cream.

It is the perfect summer drink , the ice cream mixes in with the coffee and becomes all frothy and delicious!
That being said I had a go at making it using my low carb ice cream recipe and it worked a treat so I thought I would share it here!

Now I am going to try a few different ways of making ice cream that don't include avocado but this works so well in the meantime and you really really can't taste the avocado! Once again I've used my Blendtec which makes it so so fast. I made it this time without the cacao and added some vanilla extract and it was delicious!
I'll share the ice cream recipe again though you can read my previous post here also. 

You will need:
  • 2 medium/ large avocados
  • 500ml cream (I have tried single and double and both work)/ coconut cream
  • a small amount of vanilla extract- to taste, I like mine quite vanillary!
  • 50g sweetener- whichever is your preferred, you could also use a dash of honey/ agave if you prefer.
To make the ice cream:
  • Pop all of the ingredients in the food processor and blend until smooth and creamy. 
  • Have a taste and add more of the sweetener or the vanilla unitll you get it perfect!.
  • Pop it into a freezer safe tub
  • Freeze overnight
Then when you're ready to make it:
  • Make an espresso or a very small strong coffee
  • Take a glass or cup and add a scoop of your ice cream
  • Pour the espresso over the ice cream
  • Enjoy! 



  1. Gorgeous photos, this coffee sounds so good
    Ella x

  2. The perfect summer drink. I am making one tonight!


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