Monday, 4 May 2020

Dubai flowers in winter

Well we're back from a winter in Dubai and I thought I'd share some of the (millions) of photos I took. Before we went I was thinking a lot about what I'd be able to grow given how different the climate is to here, and whilst I didn't get round to growing much other than tomatoes and a few other bits of veg as we had to come back, I did spend lots and lots of time admiring the flowers everywhere so thought i'd pop up a little post to remind myself of how it was all looking in winter/ very early spring and with a view to hopefully comparing it if we manage to get back for their late summer/ start of autumn.

Now we didn't see lots and lots of different types of flowers, but we did see lots and lots of the same flowers if that makes sense?! I am almost more of a fan of that, when you have a few flowers and go hard on those flooding everywhere with them.
Pink trumpet tree
The main ones were obviously Bougainvillea, that really is everywhere and super super cheap, but there was also lots of Hibiscus, Frangipani, Oleander,  and, rather randomly, Petunias. Fun fact about Petunias by the way, did you know they're carnivorous and feed off insects?! I know this is true of many other flowers but did not know this about petunias!
Yellow peacock flower
There were also slightly rarer occurrences of many other flowers, and usually, when I had time I took a quick picture so thought I'd share them here.

With that said I'm just going to do a huge photo dump so here goes..


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