Monday, 2 November 2020

Back into lockdown

 So we found out over the weekend that we're heading back into lockdown, for the second time. It wasn't a huge surprise, particularly in the day or so before when it was leaked that it was coming, but it's still a little strange.  

I had the garden to occupy me, the first time round as it was spring and it was a warm spring at that. This time will be colder with less warmth and al fresco fun to soften the blow. 

We may all lockdown as a family together, us with my mum and sister, forming a bubble with my Nana who lives nearby. We haven't quite worked out how we'll do it yet but that seems as though it may work best. 

This time round I will still garden a little, I have my winter vegetables coming, I also want to continue decluttering and eBaying so I have less things, but love the things that I do have. I want to plough a little more time into my food Instagram as I've been doing that a little more recently and I'm enjoying it again after falling out of love with it for a while. 

Aside from that, we'll be getting ready for Christmas, including getting the house ready, we may make some wreaths and infuse some gins. I also want to keep on with my Arabic learning, and my calligraphy (I didn't get round to starting this the first time but did buy the gear so perhaps now is my time). 

I'll let you know how I get one, but in the meantime, here are the end of the dahlias, which I'm sure will finish this week. 

Stay safe and well 


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